Barbarian - Tempest Rhythm

Testing the Tempest Rhythm power and it can definitely use a tweak.

The stacks seem fine. The damage seems okay too.

There is some major downsides to the power though.

The damage in 16 yards needs to go. This could be 30 yards and that would help distance builds like Seismic Slam and Earthquake.

The major downside is WotB has a massive cool down. Most Barb builds cant get close to perma-wrath so there is a lot of downtime where your not getting any benefit from your sanctified item. Builds that do have perma-wrath, IK n WW, will use the HotA/Pull sanctified power. The WotB power is for the other Barb builds but waiting about 30 seconds, or more, in this game feels like a lifetime.

An idea is to add CDR to the sanctified power of say 30-40 seconds. Builds will still need a heavy CDR to work but at least they can get a great use out of the sanctified power with the benefit of a helping cool down.

To sum up. The power is neat but make the 16 yards to be 30 and add a 30-40 second cool down to WotB.


I was thinking of using that power with the Frenzy set since I could never get permazerker like IK HoTA or WW/Rend. Of course, like you said, those two have their own sanctified power to use. Both are really fun too. I am truly geeked for some season 27 Barb fun, especially since the starter set is WW/Rend.


The shout type effect kind of guts it. Why not a flat damage mod like the insanity rune.

they should change the effect to additionally reset the cd of wotb when 50 stacks (or maybe less?) are reached while also removing the range/ need to hit enemies with the shout when using wotb.

tempest rhythm really isn’t creative at all, it should have been something interessting from the start…now it’s probably too late to redesign it

something like

  • “when earthquake hits an enemy it causes multiple avalanches” (with 5-10 secs cd?) or
  • “when frenzy hit the same enemy more than 5 times it causes you to enrage, increasing your attackspeed and damage with frenzy by 100% for 10 secs” or
  • “while moving you build up stacks of tempest up to 50 stacks, each stack increases your movement speed by 1% as well as your damage with furious charge by 16 % and your damage with boulder toss by 1%. Not moving for more than 5 secs resets your stacks of tempest to 0”

would have been nice


it does do a lot with reakor if you can time it right. I find if you pop it at super low health it amplifies the effect even more.

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