Barbarian slowed

When barbarian is attacking it suddenly slows almost to the point of freezing. This is on normal, adventure, equipped with standoff and using cleave/scattering blast. This bug only seems to affect the barbarian and not the wizard, demon hunter or monk. I created the barbarian after the patch/ update on the 10th.


Did you put on Stone Gauntlets?

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No, they didn’t: Moraless 70 (865)

That shows nothing of use.

Maxroll is not an actual armory or live character.

It’s their current Character. But, you can check out their Armory Profile here:

They haven’t played their Barbarian since Friday, September 10, 2021. But, that is subject to change. That’s why I saved their Barbarian in D3Planner. It’s a snapshot of their current build.

You could have checked this out yourself, had you taken the time.

Linking a snapshot of the profile, whether from the official site or from a copy made in d3planner, is not useful. It is also obvious that OP used Stone Gauntlets.

When I looked at their Barbarian’s armoury page and scrolled to the bottom, it says…

Last updated on Sep 10, 2021 10:11 AM PDT

Anyway, their build is all over the place. Nominally, it’s a Whirlwind/Rend build, but the Barb only has 4/6 set pieces equipped, doesn’t have Bul Kathos weapons (to maintain full fury), isn’t using Ambo’s Pride, Lamentation or Mortick’s Brace (either equipped or cubed), so my best guess is that they’re WW’ing, running out of fury, being unable to continue WW’ing and having to use primary attacks to build up enough to start WW’ing again.

They need to read these…

Short version - not a bug.


Yes, I did, I noticed later and then forgot about this post.

The D3 site is so slow as to be useless. Not worth the time to bother with it.