Barbarian Savages Build AWESOME Gr 120+

I don’t know how you play but i don’t have that problem ever. So if you don’t jump with earth set and and all the others…they all have this mechanic. What do you want no skill to play at all? Just use skill once and be immortal…get out of here

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Nope. Not a chance as it simply cannot gather enough density for pylons to be as impactful as with WW/Rend and Ancient Spear.

I’m finding it way too squishy…


With all due respect that’s not the build i linked. Try mine. I can do 121 with 1900 Paragon. You can do way better with yours!
Use Aughild Bracers and shoulders. Add life per hit on one weapon + gloves.

If i get the right Gr i could probably do 122-125.
With your paragon you will break 130 easy!

It’s fun but not awesome, and certainly not stronger than WhirlRend. It’s also very bad at speed runs and since it can’t push higher than WhirlRend, then it has no purpose.


tell more about the buiild is it physical dmg the normal frenzy it dont say .

do you need again a lot of cdr

or ligthning and do you want lot of cdr for wrath, but perma is out of the question i guess

Can you use battle net? Check my profile. And also i posted a build. Try making it.
Aughild shoulders and bracers. Add life per hit on one of the weapons and on your gloves. Go play.

You don’t need CDR. Not at all. Berserker is just a nice boost now and again to use with elites. This is NOT perma WOTB. It’s pure DPS frenzy. Go try the build i posted.

I played rifts with a farming ultra fast WW build and i had no problem keeping up. Perhaps learn how to play? I don’t know what your problem is. Go try the build you obviously haven’t done it!

Dont ask me why.

But i think “endless Walk” is just bad.

Get yourself an ORotZ, a Flavor and use Rend you or some “useless spender” to drop down your WotB as fast as possible, so you have it up all the time.

Though Rend can give you some extra Heal, wich could top you off a bit.

But so far …
Every Frenzy-Build seems to lack something, that makes it really pop out, out of the masses.

Unfortunately it is still ~ 5lvl “weaker”.

WW is the most complete solo push build in this game … Don’t just compare DPS, WW uses chains, can move while attacking, can use FoT, and in addition kills RG quickly

It’s high tier not god tier.

Just use Icyveins as your guide. Litterally just google “Barbarian Builds”
and it will be the top link.

That’s a great theory but bears no relation to anything I said. Leapquake has an innate toughness H90 builds don’t have. WWrend is even stronger. If density fails you and your stacks drop off before a portal with H90 you had better worry what’s waiting on the other side. You’re slower to attack, slower to move, and have a lot less defense than when you’re running from pack to pack attacking elites. At higher levels you’re doing to die a hell of a lot more that WWrend in the hands of even the most skilled player. Your build is the best H90 version I’ve seen but it has weaknesses.

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I actually did that build, w/out looking on Diablo Fans or Icy Veins. It works very well. I put an Amethyst in one of the weapons for the Life Per Hit, since I was attacking so fast, and it worked like a charm. I didn’t have LPH on my gloves though.

I Don’t have as many Paragon levels, so I am knocking on GR 100’s door. Then again, not all of my items are ancient, and I don’t have any Augments eithers. So I figure once I have all of my gear ancient and enchanted, I will 120+ with ease.

Yes, it’s very fast, addictive, and fun. The only drawback is getting caught up in all the action, you forget to use Charge for the Band of Might passive, and you go splat. It took me a few seconds realize why, then I was charging all over the place.

I just wish Charge had more charges to it, or if the Zodiac ring worked on Primary Attack Skills as well. Heck, maybe Blizzard can make a ring that will do that. It would benefit the Thorns Build Crusader as well. Oh, and the Demon Hunter Grenades build as well.

It’s good, but not as good as the guide found here in the Barb forum.

I generally steer players away from Diablofans and Icy Veins because they’ve had a lot of errors in their guides in the past. They also don’t have the same level of critical discourse about the class and items as can be found here in the Barb forum.


No one is interested in your stupid makeshift guide. I’ll stick the pros at Icyveins.

Yeah. It’s not my guide.

It’s written by Rage, who, along with Justin, literally broke down every minute mechanical detail of the build, found all the bugs, and pushed it to its limits.

So, when you’re talking about “pros,” you’re talking about this Barb forum.

I’m not trying to hate on IV – of late, their guides are much improved, and they have some fantastic content, but I maintain that the Barb forum here is the best repository of class knowledge, especially for builds and class mechanics.


Are you blushing? Because that was a shameless plug. Even though it’s true.

No stat priorities on anything except gloves.

You put a high claim on LpH, but then only list is as third priority under utilities.

While I appreciate the time it takes that people put into making guides/builds, a word of warning, don’t come here claiming something is going to be better than the current best build, with an incomplete guide, and expect it to be well received.

While IV and DF can provide information for new starters, their information can quite often be outdated and/or incomplete.

They also generally provide very little in the way on information, or explanations.


It’s strong, but not ww/rend strong.


C’mon man, don’t say stupid thing.

“Let’s not fight, let’s be nice.”

-Word Party-

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