Barbarian help needed

Hello. You can call me shabaz/shabaz89/Adam. Ive been playing this game for a long while. However this is the FIRST time ive done seasonal. I understand how it works n what not. This is the furthest ive advanced in the game, and am currently at my peak performance but have come to a sudden hault. I was doing very well when gr 110-114. now when attempting to gr 115 i get owned. I do not fully understand why im struggling sooo much. My cds are always ready and active(wrath). Thats not difficult to maintain now. My bom is always active aswell. I use conventions accordingly. I ww without stopping, allowing for perma buff. Ill die roughly 6 or 7 times trying to do 115 then fail. things spanking me- any melee from anything one shots me(literally). - purple beams disintegrate me - lighting bolts send my corpse flying- ice nova spanks me- and ranged arrows(moabs) from them goats. please someone respond and please someone look at my stuff and rly attempt to share your knowledge… --> d3 profile # 447856420

Maybe some formatting Adam :slight_smile: Bit of a wall of text there, but I got through it :wink:

Pushing is finding that balance between toughness (to not get spanked) and dps (to not run out of time). So maybe you can push a bit further by sacrificing some dps for toughness at this time.

When that hits a wall, some changes are needed. Does the build need changing or do the items in the build need upgrading - maybe a question to consider. I haven’t looked at your gear and I’m not particularly familiar with barb builds as yet.

Good luck keeping it fun and finding your path.

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Oml thank you for responding… i stg i csn never find my posts to edit them. Apologies for the length. Ill edit it and make it much less to read. Ill also add my d3 number. If you would be so kind to review it please sir.

Just some paragraphs might help… nothing wrong with the content to my reading.

I wont be the one to review the gear, but you may get some feedback on that from others with more barb experience.

Have you checked out Rhykker’s build overview vids and planners?

While you’re editing, maybe stick “Barbarian” in your heading. Invite players interested in Barb’s to read your post - since we’re stuck here in the console corner till devs can get around to a license validation solution to let us loose upon that big world out there haha.

Good luck bro.

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Bro, fr fr thank you for taking the time up help me like that. I left the d3 that should be an exact copy of me. It took me forever to create the d3, my build hasnt changed any yet compared to the planner. Thank you bud. I appreciate the good hearted people out there.

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Helm - Reroll Life Regen to VIT
Amulet - You should be using a Flavour of Time
Shoulders - Reroll Life Regen to CDR or AD
Boots - Reroll Movement Speed to Armour

If you’re speedfarming, and using the BK weapons, Whirlwind should be runed with Blood Funnel and Battle Rage should be runed with Into The Fray.

If you’re pushing, the way you have them runed currently is fine, but you should be using Istvan’s Paired Blades, no the BK weapons.

You’ll also find Ancient Spear / Rage Flip a lot more useful than Threatening Shout, as you’ll need to be gathering a lot more mobs together.

Anyway, you’ll definitely find this useful…

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Um… where to start? Maybe make a monk instead? :grin:

Dump some paragons in vitality… Sometimes u gotta play around with ur main stat and vitality to find the right balance.

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Sustain is likely your issue. The ability to heal yourself faster than incoming damage. It wont matter how much health you have if you can’t heal yourself fast enough.


Nope, if you have a higher healthpool preventing you from insta-procc through different attacks. I always put points into vitality to survive when pushing. Especially for casual players with sub2k Paragon.

I’m not saying max health doesnt matter, it does. You need just enough that you cannot get one hit proc’d; however even if you double your health so you can take 2 big hits without proccing, you will still deplete your health very rapidly (within a few seconds) if you do not have high enough sustain. Hence the reccomendation to boost sustain. The OP was stating a huge difference in survival between a 1 rift difference. The increase to incoming damage from just 1 rift higher is very small. It is very likely the character’s sustain is insufficient. Of course, without seeing the characters stats, it is just speculation.

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Thank you sir for your response. In fact thats what i did. Im struggling with finding time to build up paragon level… but i removed the 500 points from str, and put 400 of it into vit. Giving me like 2k+ more vit. It helped a bit. Pushed me from roughly 400k max life to litetally 840k. Helped a lot. I also switched from bul-kalthos to the other set swords. Which also helped… suprising it made a decent dps difference too. Thank you.

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Rend is a damage over time skill. Its damage happens at a fixed tick rate. Attack speed doesnt increae its attack rate, but does increae its damage. With istivans swords, you get 30% attack speed and 30% damage. Essentially two forms of 30% damage increase that actually multiply agains each other instead of adding together. So you get 1.3 x 1.3 = 1.69 or 69% increase to damage.

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Hey man, thank you for commenting and thank you for the tips there! Not gonna lie, i was confused about what sustain was meaning. However im fully aware now.(not the def of sustain, but the reference in the game). Thank you guys very much for all these responses! ive upped my vit, at 850k max life rn. Im really considering dropping the green gem from my weapons and putting in the 28k life per hit in both of the weapons instead. Putting me at roughly 65k life per hit. Sound solid? Or too much lph?.. it is quite a huge loss in damage.(-260% crit damage vs 56k lph)… and as for the attack speed, yeaaah i considered boosting the speed cuz i wasnt sure if my barb was applying 2 rends both within the same second. But i assume that as long as my aps is over 1.0(1.7current) then itll always apply 2 rends. If so, i can remove bulkalthos and use istvans since i will not need to concern myself with attack speed.

You want to try to acheive 2 APS. I wouldnt give up the crit damage in weapons for LPH. Instead, look for LPH on bracers ir as an actual roll on a weapon. Additionally, barbs typically get life per fury spent on belt.