Barbarian Balance Requests for 2.7.2 (?)

non-season still runs 10-12mins poison scythe necro 150 runs, we’re all good

Everything in this thread just needs updated clears. Should be much easier to estimate max clears as leaderboards have sets separated now.

Outside of the known set needs, I would like to spotlight these items and get them into the conversations.

These barb only items are not used in any top builds. These items will be the best places to suggest changes. I have my thoughts about a few below but everyone’s opinions are welcome and needed. Please be realistic and I think it’s fair to say Rend and MOTE are off limits unless they surprise us.
Safron wraps
Skular’s salvation
Skull of resonance
Arreat’s law
The three hundredth spear
Dread iron
Blade of the warlord
Dishonored legacy
Madawc’s sorrow
Skull grasp


Reposting this from over in the Barb forum:

At 10k paragon, I think the current slate of actual/estimated clears is:

Rend: 149
Leapquake: 145
Frenzy: 144 (estimate)
Slam: 142 (estimate)
IK / LOD / R6 HOTA: 140 (estimate)
Charge: 137 (estimate)

So, to match Rend, we’d need +4 for Leap, +5 for Frenzy, +7 for Slam, +9 for HOTAs, and + 12 for Charge.

Though, I still think it’s important that the builds with better single-target (Frenzy, Slam, HOTA) be a hair weaker by top clear, since their average clear is so much more consistent.

As for that list of legendary items, here are a few thoughts:

Skull Grasp: + WW damage increased to 800%, and +150% move speed while WWing. WW suddenly becomes hands-down better for T16s and low GRs than WW/Rend, while Rend is still much, much better for pushing.

Madawc’s Sorrow + Dread Iron: most interesting use I can think of for these two is to establish a decent Avalanche setup for MOTE. The big problem with Avalanche is that it does only about 1/3 the damage of Molten Fury EQ, and it’s hard to apply it very often. So, maybe something like:

Madawc’s: stun enemies for 10 seconds the first time you hit them. Avalanche damage increased by 100%, and an additional 10% for each stunned enemy within 25 yards.

Dread Iron: Avalanche damage increased by 200%. Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche of each type. (One Fire, one Cold, one Physical- probably Volcano-Snow Capped Mountain- base rune).

More later…


That grasp would instantly go in my bounty/key build. I like it!!! Probably would make WW the fastest build in the game. I already compete with 90% of GOD dhs and teleport monks almost don’t exist. The funny part is you don’t need to drop rend to run your new grasp. Id drop rachels ring of larceny for it. Rings would be RORG,zodiac,grasp.

The 300th spear damage needs to be increased to 8000%, which is what was already suggested in another post and I agree with.

Arreat’s law distance requirement should be remove and Fury generation cut in half 20 to 10 (static). In its current iteration it has nearly zero benefit for our melee hero who is so easily swarmed by enemies.


Even better, Arreat’s law increases damage by x amount versus single target. This could open up the door for some creative builds.


Rage, do you mind if I use your H90 guide as a template for a Weapon Throw guide. It obviously won’t be for pushing, but the new Solo ranking system create a place for anyone who wants to dabble with WT for funzies.

Id love a good throw build. Something different.

MOTE : Set is great. Could use more damage to compete better.

Raekor looks gimpy on paper. Without abusing game mechanics its more a 130 tier set. It could be 140+ if the stacks were easier to get. Maybe instead of 1 stack per charge get 1 stack per enemy hit.

Savage could use more defense.

Nope, I don’t mind.

Yeah, the best thing for Raekor probably would be a complete Firebird-style rebuild. Or, if they keep the mechanics largely the same, I agree that shifting the stacking to a per-enemy-hit system would be very helpful. For one thing, it would disincentivize wall-charging somewhat.

Chris and Free have both suggested making the set Boulder-Toss centric, and that seems like a good idea to me. That’s a great skill that has seen very little use for a few years now. All they’d really need to do is make R6 boost the damage of only Ancient Spear, while also stripping that skill out of the MOTE6 bonus. That skill was always a pretty weird fit for MOTE, anyway, since only that one rune (Boulder Toss) is in any way “of the Earth”. And then, after that, just boosting the damage numbers on Skular’s and 300th Spear. With the right amount of damage it could even become a decent trash-clearing build in groups, since it deals its damage in big pops rather than over time, so you shouldn’t incur a big lag problem. “Bazooka Barb”, essentially.


Needs to be more then just a per hit for charges, it needs a huge damage buff to even be remotely worth using to the 6p. In all honesty, I think the entire set should heavily rely on charging.

Well, I mean, we already have a Charge build. And it would be sad to replicate a build we already have when we have the opportunity to reform a little-used set (of course, it gets used a lot for Zbarb).

Also, the 6-piece set damage bonus is quite large already, since it essentially gives a damage bonus of +27500% (5500% * 5 stacks). Whether or not that’s enough depends on how much of a bonus various supporting legendaries get. With the current best Raekor build (HOTA), that set bonus + Gavel + BotFM makes 140 doable for that build at around 10k paragon.

To reach relative parity with Rend, that build would need roughly +9 GR levels, about 4x damage. But, it would be kind of a shame to keep it as a HOTA-centric set. After all, we already have two other HOTA builds!

Does any class have every build equally strong? While I agree they all should be equal, to provide more of a choice, it is just not something Blizzard is prioritizing.

Sadly, no- no class has equal builds. But, I really don’t know why- in this case especially, it’s really low-hanging fruit.

They could just double the MOTE and H90 6-piece bonuses, and triple the IK set bonus (so, 40,000%, 20,000%, and 12,000% respectively), and we’d instantly have a bunch more builds within 0-5 GR levels of our top build.

Another few buffs to supporting legendaries- Standoff, Gavel of Judgement, and Fury of the Vanished Peak, and you’d have at least 6 builds very close to parity.

Do I really think that’ll happen? No.

But, I’m going to continue to point out how easy such a thing would be to achieve, in the hope that Blizz will eventually see the light!


Yeah, we don’t want every set to have the same ceiling. At the same time, one of the most exciting times to play is when sets get revamped. I like wastes as much as the next guy, but it’s fun to play other things too.

Updated the thread title for the new, err, patch lol

Can some of my fellow Barbs post updated current highest clears on all our builds EXCEPT Rend?


Excluding China, you can login to each regional server and get the top solo GR clears by 6 piece class set if you want to inspect the data for yourself.

Was so hoping to get something new… Seems like we are always last… But then again, why change that lol


Yeah, I feel that, but to be fair, Barbs aren’t in a bad spot. Overall, we’re very strong, and 2 of our builds are excellent for speed-farming (plus we get a spot in groups!). I do honestly feel that other classes need more love right now–DHs, Monks, and WDs. In fact, pretty much every other class needs better parity before we get updated.

Then, of course, I want buffs.

I mean, on the plus side, none of our builds are over-performing, so all we need are buffs. :star_struck:

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America EU Asia
Season Season Paragon Non-Season Non-Season Paragon Season Season Paragon Non-Season Non-Season Paragon Season Season Paragon Non-Season Non-Season Paragon
Legacy of Raekor 130 4695 130 6106 131 3325 137 12443 120 4558 140 9268
125 5085 125 6391
Might of the Earth 137 5079 141 12056 135 6156 142 9032 129 5151 145 10119
138 5715 133 3031 136 6146 136 6482
Wrath of the Wastes 145 6974 147 11419 144 4066 150 12500 142 4657 150 15445
144 5127 142 6100 141 5719 140 6337
Immortal King’s Call 132 4446 130 10024 131 3338 137 12445 126 4265 140 14764
126 5029 130 6716 130 6391
Horde of the Ninety Savages 137 4699 136 9402 134 4182 146 13169 134 4839 143 14764
136 5642 136 6938 135 4537
No Six Piece Set 137 4614 133 9216 131 3124 138 12445 120 4315 142 14780
133 3556 130 6096 127 4710

Mehh, I wish I could compete for the top positions in the overall rankings with a different build, apparently it will be Rend forever…

I think my biggest request is to fix the single target damage for earthquake / MOTE. It’s really good at clearing trash. But it’s not so good that it should be so terrible against Rift Guardians. I literally kill a Gr130 RG with my monk in less than 2 COE rotations without a sticken. The same 130 boss on a MOTE barb is a goofy, silly, parody of what fights are against everything else. I don’t know if DoTs don’t trigger sticken stacks fast enough or what, but this one, simple fix could make a MOTE barbarian a really fun build.


Show some Barb love for the next patch. That feels like an eternity away.