Barb Guides Import to DiabloFans

To all my fellow barb guide creators!

I had mentioned on the old forum of bringing the main guides posted here to diablo fans to share with the masses for anyone who doesn’t come here directly usually. I had already brought over the Raekor guide with Free’s permission so now that we have everything here I wanted to clear it with the rest of you that it was ok to bring the remaining major guides over. All proper credit to original creators will be credited and I will maintain the guides on dfans as you guys update them here for each season. Please let me know as I would love to share the love and dedication that each of you have put into these builds with more!



This is a very cool effort, Basshead. Kudos!

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Thanks Nev! I had most the gang on board on the old forum just wanted to reconfirm before starting.

here’s the original post.

You can also import my build guide to DiabloFans (it is not a major one stickied yet but very promising-hint hint BoD 5 enemy limit revised)

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Thanks Pro!!! Cendesiel and Free and yourself had said yes before so was just double checking before I started.

Good stuff, Bass. Feel… willing to export any and all of my guides. Just make sure to link back here in them so folks can see the originals as well.

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Of course bud! Will slowly get started on them here. Still trying to figure out how to do the zDPS one. It’ll have to be a two parter.

Bass - If you want FF over there then grab away. Spread that Barb love bro. Spread it.

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Spread it on!!!

Brought over IK HOTA today as it will be pretty much the same for next season already. Waiting for final patch notes and everyone to update/or not cause no need for S18 then I will start bringing the rest.

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