🤘 Banwave Request Please

Hahahahaha. You are so funny.

you aren’t talking to anyone that thinks cheating is ok…

it is quite shameful for you to spin this around and try to say I have a problem with anti-botting folks, when the reality is, I have a problem with people publicly claiming to be against cheating when in reality they condone it. Is that difference really that difficult to understand?


I fully stand by you and I never stated I was standing up for cheating. I agree with your points. And funny how MC thinks we are all on new accounts.

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This whole thing rings of personal grievances. I have no involvement with any clan or their rivalries.

Take your personal fights back to your private channels!

Cheating, no matter who does it, is not ok. I don’t care about the person, clan, etc.

Go throw rocks in discord. This is ridiculous.


I agree with this 1000%. But I will bring my figh with botters to this topic again, if there is no banwave in non season. It will get me punished for sure. It is a price I am will to pay.

For me it seemed like there would be no banwave in non season if I did not push hard for it on this topic.

You know I can see your join date and forum activity right? That does not indicate your full account activity, but it does indicate when you cared to start reading, or posting.


Assume all you want I play other Blizzard games such as WoW mostly for this year. Forum activity doesn’t mean much really. I care for the truth in things and if things are proven to be true and no action is being taken it’s wrong on the company for not doing their job.

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I’ve had this account since when D3 was released in 2012.

Agreed, they are dodging the main topic, and trying to stir up emotion pointlessly.
Nice try, but the banned accounts will not come back regardless of what you type in a forum.
Go play D3 legit like the rest of us and we can all relax and enjoy a wonderful game that Blizz put together.

Have you considered that the OP is not actually breaking the rules? Blizz bans even famous streamers, which the OP is not.

When and if they can detect them breaking the rules, they will deal with it.

If they are not, maybe you need to accept you are wrong.

I can’t see OP’s computer. I have no idea what they do. I am not in a position to pass judgement.

I will leave that to the pros who have software to detect such stuff.,

Again… go fight your personal battles on Discord! Goodness. This all seems so petty.


You have driven off topic plenty of times and gone against the ToS. So your deflecting won’t serve you well. I play this game legit, what is up with some of you and your assumptions. You don’t know me nor have played with me. Take your own words into action and play the game that was put together and pretend the cheaters who don’t have any influence over your own game play.

If someone was banned in game he should not be able to post on forums.


If this is all petty and is bother you no one is forcing you to view this thread or to reply. Just saying.
I have watched this thread for many months since Covid happened and I have seen his responses and several times it has gone against forum rules, but some get away with it as I said earlier.

Who do you think is banned?

People who Blizzard has proof were botting.

That is how it is supposed to work but if they have alt accounts they can get around that. Also…sort of think the forums are glitchy about keeping suspended and banned accounts from posting. Esp Silenced ones.

Go play D3 legit like the rest of us

Don’t forget to add clarification, someone might think you are talking about the whole clan (since that is what you claimed earlier haha) and not just the particular 4 man group your best clear has.


Good luck when you are a manager and someone, despite all your efforts to prevent it, breaks the rules.

FYI document document document and fire. But yeah, even as the manager you can’t control everyone. You can only set a standard and hold people to it.

People know this…right?

This whole bickering thing seems personal. Why do some non poster accounts care? Were they ejected from the clan? Were they banned and blame someone?

Ugh. We are all responsible for OUR OWN ACTIONS. Periodt.


MissCheetah, you keep bringing up the issue of personal computer access when that is not needed to detect botting.

We have a season start date, we have 24 hours in a day, and we have today’s date. Using these constraints, it is basic math to divide hours played (visible on a player’s profile) by total hours in this time period. If that average comes out to a humanly impossible average, such as more than 20 hours a day a playtime every day, over the course of 45 days, it should be pretty dang clear that something ain’t right.

Is this really that controversial?


To continue with your example, would it be right for the manager to then go around and claim no rules are being broken, even when the manager is very well aware that rules are being broken? Is it right for the manager to go around and act as if his organization is the standard bearer of integrity? Even when no actions were taken against in light of infractions made by employees?

If you are going to use examples, at least flesh them out in light of the situation.


How is it your business to what someones post count is and what does it matter we all start from zero posts anyways. Just wishing that certain users didn’t slip through the cracks and where there is plenty of proof to see that their teammates cheat and he knows but just doesn’t want them make it known and to keep it more of a secret.

Certain common sense is blind to others. So much is right in front of everyone’s eyes if they choose to open and pay attention. I can bet that the user who posted certain cheats in his Discord was just told to not post it in the general public’s eye. I can bet he is still a part of the clan and is still a part of his main group.

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The salty banned players would rather point the finger at an individual or clan, then face the facts that they were caught.

I am sorry you are under their fire today MissCheetah, you have always been very neutral, supportive and composed which we all respect.

Interesting idea, very interesting :slight_smile:
This however wouldn’t stop them from making a brand new account to troll the forums (like we’ve seen today), but may offer a little peace of mind.