🤘 Banwave Request Please

Rank 3 NA, DH leaderboard, there’s a player with 19000 rifts completed this season. That’s not a typo. Over nineteen thousand rifts, with 969 hrs logged on DH this season alone. Basic math says this isn’t legit, yet somehow this player escaped the banwave.

If someone did not get banned, despite being at the top of the boards, they are not cheating - within what they can currently detect.

It seems a bit bold to make that claim when the cheating is so blatantly obvious, no?


And …”within what they can currently detect”…

Oh, so what you meant to say is that your team is legit, not the entire clan, gotcha. The goalposts keep moving in line with the denials. Metalhead should be a politician.


Key phrase. I am not at liberty to speculate or comment on their detection ablity in D3. Suffice to say it is NOT the same as other games. None are equal. They have diff logging systems. I would expect going forward to see most new games on the same systems under the same detection systems. Older games, not so much.

Your comment defies logic. No Clan leader has access to the personal computers of their clan members. Despite best intentions, it is hard to prevent people from breaking the rules. You just kick them out when caught.


Why assume the person is smart?

It only took a few minutes to disprove his claim that his clan is all legit, and then when confronted with such proof, he calls on his clan to brigade and get the proof taken down. Does that seem like the actions of an innocent person?


They may not have access but they chat on voice and know by who is on support and who is leader and how they know which way to go and where the pylons are etc. Calling things out much ahead of time where a legit person would not know that. Playing with people who you know are cheating violates ToS.

Again, controlling hundreds of people with no means of oversight is one thing.

Personally engaging in the behavior they advocate against…reprehensible.

Please use the email I gave you if you have PROOF someone is cheating. hacks@blizzard.com

Not a single point ban, but will be investigated and may be in a ban wave.

My issue here is witch hunts…they are not allowed on the forums.

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What? when did I say access to the personal computer was needed? It was posted directly into the clan discord by that clan member. You sure are going to great lengths to defend a specific clan…


Witch hunts aren’t allowed but is basically what Metalhead has made this topic for.

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It is not ok to go after individuals. It is fine to want a specific behavior (cheating) banned.

Why in they world are so many people on new accounts defending cheaters? This makes no sense at all!


Well, assuming Blizz knows how many hours there are in a day and how unfeasible it is for someone to play 1k hrs and 19000 rifts since the start of the season… is there really any need for more evidence? Time is time.


Oh MissC…your getting tag teamed here :grin:

I am not part of their clan. Have not interacted with them. And have no clue what you are talking about. Anything outside Blizzard communications is not something Blizz can sanction.


I’m not on a new account this account is like a decade old. You are correct for people to want a certain behavior banned but to point your fingers at specific people and clans and certain leaderboard ranks that is witch hunting and Metal has done plenty of it. He steered off of his original topic many times.

I know. There is a group that has issues with the anti botting folks, esp the OP. I don’t know the OP, but will remind folks of rules

That they have to use brand new nothing accounts speaks volumes. It is kind of silly.

Nobody should think cheating is ok!


Don’t assume I am on a new account. I just play other games and back and forth casually on Diablo.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, then there isn’t much else to say. I thought you were talking about things you actually knew about eg, had read what was actually posted here. Moving on :slight_smile:


Cheaters who are banned come to this topic to cry and attack METALHEAD each time. Last time I taunted them over discord and they mass flagged my posts xD

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I am not a cheater and I am talking about things that have been proven against Metalhead.
You should be banned yourself for admitting to cheating on this thread then editing your post to make it sound like it’s all your mouse’s doing when it is still a cheat.