🤘 Banwave Request Please

D3 never had that integrity to begin with. Sticking crappy leaderboards into a dungeon crawler game to turn it into a race doesn’t make it competitive.

Blizzard only got themselves to blame.


This is a fact of life.

There are components of human behavior that we must try to suppress; cheating is one of them.


Typically people use cheats to get a edge (Leader-boards), or to troll/crap on other players. Its one of the things i hate the most, besides ignorance (Sorry Free). But what is even worse is that players have absolutely no control over this, except cheating themselves. All we can do is hope that a ban wave comes, and be patient.


Whew, lad.

An occasional bad deed has nothing on actively cheating at the game. This is not the average response. I feel sorry for you if it is for you, but there are many people with integrity, and so the ‘glass house’ you speak of is in fact often made with solid wood. Throw a stone and the worst that’ll happen is hitting a window. It is perfectly within someone’s right to go after botters. And frankly, using the argument ‘well everyone does it’ is effectively justifying those deeds you’re using as examples.

Like seriously, you’re grasping at straws to pin a ‘gotcha!’ on someone’s honesty. It’s sad.

Not everyone has a relationship integrity problem and sometimes people just know how to take care of their pens. Why the hell would you even steal paper? “Dime a dozen” doesn’t even cover how silly it is.


It depends which type of a cheater they are.

1] and 3] do NOT deserve sympathy since they interfere with other players.
If 2] and 4] on the other side cheat only to have more fun in the game without interfering with others, I could understand their motives.

The most damaging type are of course 1] and they deserve to banned permanently if caught more than once.

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Agreed 100%
They should enforce the user agreement which would solve a few problems and get them additional revenue when these hackers buy another account.


To be against any form of cheating has nothing to do with hate, and it does not matter the “reasons” people have for cheating.


Cheaters are cheaters.
You can categorize cheaters after motive all you want, but if you cheat only for personal comfort, not to hurt anyone else, -you are still a cheater.

Either you bot or you don’t.


If it was my program people abused I would issue permanent bans.
It’s like people skipping the line in a shop, I would not want them around if it caused the other customers discomfort.
And it’s common knowledge that you’re not supposed to bot, so the one who bots an hour is just as guilty as those who bot 20 hours…


I hate botters. losers in life and have to cheat at video games.


Ban waves usually don’t hit till near the end of the season or era. That is due to the fact that the cheater can just buy the game again and get a new account. Then in a short time bot their way back up to the top again.

I want them to Ban more frequently which would help the situation.
Banwaves once a season does not work since the majority of the season is where the botters take over.
Weekly banwaves would solve the problem since people tend to bot early in the season all the way till the end.


Per week wouldn’t help because the botters would just get new accounts and be able to get right back where they were before.

Yeah, but it would cause them to buy at least 12 accounts per season. You’d figure at some point, they’d get the picture even if the money wasn’t a block in itself, the effort of repeatedly having to build up characters to bot with just to feed one account they had to purchase every week would be a cost they wouldn’t want to pay.


That’s nothing when they can sell their clean account for hundreds. Also setting banwaves each week means resources and time, I don’t think classic games team would have that amount of man power to settle those.

I don’t think banwaves every week is a great solution or like you said financially feasible for the Devs at this point. Account selling may have benefits for some players, I don’t it’s the main reason for most players to bot.

I’m sure that Account Selling happens, but most botters, I assume, don’t bot to sell their account, they do it because they don’t want to play the whole game.

They may be related but I think its only tangentially.

why banwaves? botters just will buy a new account (They said that in a reddit post) , a banwave for cheaters it’s like putting a band-aid in an open wound :expressionless:

I know a solution to the bot problem, that’s a guaranteed fix. No amount of account buying would make any difference. I mean, someone buying an account so they can cheat again and again…huge problem.

So, why not just kill the game! Shut down the servers, stop selling the game, no one gets to play the game ever, because bots are just too hard to deal with.