🤘 Banwave Request Please

He’s not wrong. All that ya’ll have achieved is fattening up your post count. D3/RoS prices have never been lower. They’ve already bought new keys and will be right there botting their heads off in S21 and S22 and beyond.

Why not make a new discord and join keyboard warrior


Forum moderators don’t give a toss about the thread, luv. They’re only paid to enforce the plethora of rules that you have broken.

Enjoy your incoming forum vacation. They usually permaban for that.

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Beautiful! I wish the anti-cheat team ban botters in Asia server too!

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there is no anti cheat team just a couple interns trying their best


Just to confirm what many have seen…

Yes many accounts were closed or suspended this morning in Diablo III due to cheating. As you know, we don’t comment much on these specific disciplinary actions beyond confirming that they did occur.


Quick question:

As far as I know, the cheaters in Asia server have never banned so far. Do you have any plan to contact Blizzard Korea (i.e., Asia server headquarter) to handle this issue? Thank you Pez!


Messages / confirmations like this always make me happy.
I have by far not enough paragon to even consider competing on the leaderboards, but less cheaters is better!

Keep doing the ban waves and please do tell us when you did!



Thank you for tuning in to our semi-heated thread.
Huge thank you to all of the Blizz staff that took the time to rid our game of cheaters.
It is nearly impossible to eliminate all cheaters however today’s actions have restored my faith in this company.
This also gives us hope that the upcoming D4 will be managed by a team we can respect.
On behalf of the “real” D3 community, we salute you all! Well done.


In that case since you’re up already, kindly forward this lil darling to the appropriate team!

Very glad to see action was taken. I know it is not often enough, or as wide enough a ban as is ideal, but it is still good they went after a bunch. We were long overdue for a ban wave!


Agreed, Glad to see action and communication on the matter.
One of the best days in recent D3 history.


Can i still collect cookies? I have a russian wife and i am not allowed to play for more than 1hr


Thank you.
Do this more often please.


Good to know that a bunch of those seasonal P6000+ accounts weren’t botting, as they are still around.

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banwave in HC too…I was 10 and now I am 9 on monk…I switched to HC because of the SC cheaters…I never thought some ppl using bot on HC…so thanks for the banwave.


I think it was you who mentioned a while back, that it is a global banning system group for every game in the Blizzard stable? This adequately explains why there are not frequent banwaves because there is only one group, not a separate dedicated group for each individual game.

(And there is only so much time in one day for only one group for every game with every possible suspicious set of actions with 100s of thousands of players).


I prefer HC for a single player challenge. While I certainly have lost several characters, I would play it fulltime instead of casually if all the regions had zero lag. I can truthfully say I have lost 2/3rds of the deaths through connectivity and lag, the rest through skill (or lack thereof). I am not complaining just saying and still prefer it to SC.

Good to know a banwave has just been issued! I can be quite certain on the ban, someone on my friend list who has been online running solo barb GRs for like 24/7 suddenly appeared as offline, when I logged into battlenet nearly 12hrs ago, and upon inspection of his battlenet account, it is totally blank now :sunglasses:

Should we prepare for DDoS attacks when the new season begins?

It’s been a while since there was a banwave of this size but I think I remember the last time there was, there was a DDoS attack that lasted more than 12 hours (could have been close to 2 days).

Of course, that was something like a year or 2 ago and my memory isn’t what it used to be but at least that’s what I recall. The botters and stuff decided that if they can’t play no one else should either and they organized a DDoS attack.


I would like to keep this thread on the broader topic of cheating however I can state that I have NEVER used TurboHud, Bot, Auto hot key or ANY 3rd party program alongside D3!
All allegations are salty cheaters that have most likely been banned and are trying to point the finger somewhere.
Ignore the negative nonsense and rejoice with the rest of the community that justice has been served today!
I run a clean clan and commend those that play this game the way it should be played.