🤘 Banwave Request Please

you do it over time. if a player has more than 4 man GR xp multiplied by say 12 hours a day over a period of 4 weeks + that’s a flag. is it arbitrary? maybe and it might catch out some nut actually doing that. But it is what it is. and for anyone doing it for real, look at it as an intervention. Go outside ( & get the Rhona :stuck_out_tongue: )

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The ToS states that account sharing is not allowed and is a banable offense.
Some would consider this an unfair advantage similar to botting since one player is not progressing their own account.

The more attention we can bring forward to Blizzard, the higher the chances of these cheats getting exposed and having action taken against the players that chose these hacks.

Unfortunately D3 does not have a built in game reporting system for cheaters currently.
The best thing you can do is record evidence of the cheater and submit it to hacks@blizzard.com which is the official anti-cheat email for all of Blizz.

make this thread a Sticky please:
…on the technical forum. :zzz:

So my eyes wasn’t playing trick on me when I saw few players were missing in the 4-man leaderboard just now.


Thank you BLizzard for taking our advice and performing a mid season banwave.
This helps restore faith in the “actual” D3 community and pushes us to keep going!
Cheers to you all and thank you sincerely :beers:


Can confirm that we did do a removal of accounts early this morning. This affected multiple regions. Again, we don’t go into specifics on the exact disciplinary actions.


Waiting for 2nd message about non season.

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Thank you for the efforts against cheating and the clear communication.
What a great time to play Blizzard games.


Thank you.

Another ban wave that did good for what? 5 Minutes before the botters were able to buy a new account and be right back at it again. Bans are useless and pointless. They dont do anything in the long run.


Incorrect, I do not allow this nonsense in my clan and you must be mistaken.
Perhaps Pe3eWe3e is right, just another salty cheater that got banned entertaining us.
If you have our discord, lets have a chat about it! Instead of commenting in an anti-cheat thread.
Let me know if you suspect anyone from my clan of cheating and I’ll look into it immediately.

Bans help the people that actually play D3 have a better positive experience.
We put time and effort into this game and get to see our results on the leaderboards.
Blizz also gets more money when the banned botters buy new accounts. We have a “win win win” scenario.

Our clan is legit.
We have unfortunately had to remove a few members in the past in orer to keep our clan morals.


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :salt: :salt: :salt:


Just here to say thanks for the notice on another Banwave Blizz! Excellent news and I am glad to see the team stepping up the frequency of them. It sends the right message, in my opinion.


I agree Cheetah, these are great times for the D3 community.
Cheers to the Blizz team keeping our games clean :beers:

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ARPG gangs are silly.

Reminder - “name and shame” or calling people out on the forums to accuse them of things, is against the forum rules.

If you have credible evidence of cheating to share with Blizzard, please email it to hacks@blizzard.com. You won’t get a response, but that gets it to the hacks team who can analyze and hopefully reduce activity. They don’t take action against individuals one at a time, it is done in ban waves.

Otherwise, please keep personal Clan drama to your personal Discord or other channels. While this is entertaining, it really does not belong here.

P.S. Blizzard knows what your main accounts and alt accounts are. :woman_shrugging:


I see a plethora of new posters on the forum just to chime in on here…coincidence?


I am having fun partying with the bank robbers. How dare you arrest them and ruin my fun!

perhaps, but the point being is that cheaters getting banned should not garner sympathy from the gaming community.

Cheaters got banned because you got caught cheating.
Pointing the finger at others or clans does nothing to the fact that you got caught.
Creating a new account and acting toxic in the forums will not bring your account back.
If anything, its petty.
I am glad Blizz is taking action against cheaters, but it is sad that some just can’t seem to accept they got caught.


Nope. Salty is salty. All these new accounts…some also showed up in the recent talks (now removed by mods) about Silence penalties.

I am a huge fan of people doing what is right - not cheating.

I have no sympathy for people who cheat. Never did in school, never did at work, never did IRL, never did in games.