🤘 Banwave Request Please

Not really because in a tournament you wouldn’t get to burn 3000-4000 keys to get that perfect GG map for your #1 spot.

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Dude well said they are forum leaderboard players not actual game players. Too much whining and complaining about how others effect them when they really don’t.

Unless their fun in the game is to compete for top spots on the Lb…steroids sure as heck don’t effect me but I can’t say it doesn’t effect the legit player next to them competing for the top. Diablo may not be an “e sport” but doesn’t mean it isn’t or cannot be competitive for a player…

Heck, I know people who have to compete over everything, and I mean everything.

I think the two leaderboards that show off game knowledge and skill are, the weekly challenge rift and the seasonal achievement board, not the greater rift leaderboards.

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Humans require sleep and can not grind 24/7. Bots do not need sleep.

Cheaters should be banned.


I agree that things might be different if cheaters were not allowed on the boards and their account + IP + mac address were logged and perma banned like other AAA games.

We have a leaderboard which directly promotes competition lol.
Competitiveness is up to the individual. Some people compete over any little thing.

I still think more frequent bans would eventually resolve the botting issue.
Let them adapt and bot less, that gives the legit players more of a chance to compete fairly.

We have a system now where drops are useless other than for souls. Good items can only be rolled with lots of bounties and soul farming and even that it still takes forever to get anything with good stats. Everybody is worried about the bot. What about the other cheats? Like knowing where everything is when you enter the greater rift? Like mouse and keyboard cheats that make you able to do just in time key strokes and are not humanly possible? Like the new one where I am told you do things in a certain order you get a easy greater rift every time? And I am sure there are others. Have seen people on public that have 10 primals that they are actually wearing. I have yet to get one that is useful. I won’t cheat as i am just not built that way as any dummy can cheat to succeed but really what does that prove?

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Charlie, This banwave request I started over a year ago includes the cheats you speak of giving an unfair advantage to those that use it.
There are also auto casting programs that spam buttons for players, all of these programs take away from what the D3 experience is supposed to be.

We are unfortunately at the mercy of Blizz when they decide to take action against cheaters but like MissCheetah stated, it may not be as easy to detect these programs like it is to detect blatant botting.

Lets hope they issue out another banwave soon to keep our game fun and clean of cheaters.

What is this one???

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Here you go:

  1. Stand facing East
  2. Clap your hands three times
  3. Throw a celery stalk over your left shoulder
  4. Drink a gallon of strawberry milkshake while humming La Marseillaise at double speed
  5. Snort a line of ground up circuit board
  6. Salvage 10 primals



Sticking a stupid leaderboard onto a hack-n-slasher doesn’t make it competitive.

Try again.

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No, they don’t actually. I know quite a few of them that were between 12 and 14k paragon and they don’t even waste minutes. There are other things you can do to keep a low profile and you can play it 24x7 legally if you have a minor in the house that plays the same license with you when you are not. Read the EULA.

I knew I had a child for a reason. Now to wait until he’s old enough to play!

Completely unrelated question: do you think D3 will still be going in 10 years? Asking for a friend.

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Still a problem with this. First, only smaller kids would want to share an account with their parent…teenagers will want their own.

Second. If you had another person playing on the same account as you in your household, you still have to work or sleep…unless it’s two people who do not work and one sleeps at night and the other during the day.

Likely hood of this is very very slim, so using time spent playing to me is still good evidence of bot usage.

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Fog of War map?
Never heard of this, and especially if it applies to D3.

You guys know far too much about botting for my taste!

And you already know why…

No I don’t know why ppl spend so much time looking into hacks and bots when that time could be spent playing the game instead.

This is one thing I just don’t get.
Play D3 and have fun is what I do.
If I get tired of playing I take a break.

I was strongly implying that they bot as well…that’s why they know so much about it.

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Fog of War is an OLD game term where trainers expose hidden regions of the map. It is also why I am against an offline mode because someone is bound to create a trainer and the same things that are happening with consoles will happen ten-fold with an offline mode.

Bass is right, D3 not only has fog of war (unexplored dark map) but the maps are also randomly generated making tiles tougher to memorize.
Some of us have been playing the game long enough to understand the different tiles that spawn on any given map.
The problem with turbohud map hacking cheaters, is they don’t have to worry about fog of war, the software lets them know where the exit is along with pylon spawn locations and bonus pools.

This gives them an unfair advantage, especially the maphack portion since this game was supposed to have randomized maps to give the players a unique experience every time we entered a zone. (not all, but most)

Utilizing this cheat gives players an unfair advantage and I wish Blizz would come out and communicate to the D3 community if they will take disciplinary action against this or not.

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