🤘 Banwave Request Please

The leaderboards are once again plagued with cheaters and we would respectfully like to request a ban wave.
Many of us legitimate players are becoming increasingly frustrated that little is being done about the blatant cheating that has become a new standard among the top tier community.
Botting and 3rd party software like TurboHud are ruining the competitive aspect of this game and should not co-exist in a competitive atmosphere.

UPDATE: 6/19/2020 Thank you Blizz for the first major Banwave we’ve seen in a long time :beers:


New? New like new from Season 3 you mean?

Seriously, if you expect them to magically fix this in D3 after 15 Seasons you are a big optimist!

The best we can hope is this pArODy is not present in D4.


I meant “new” as in the increasing number of blatent and obvious botting that has become out of control. Some of us have been playing D3 since launch (including myself) and botting has always been a problem, but is more apparent now especially in the leaderboards.
I have hopes that they will listen to the community, and take action against cheating now.
Cheating was out of control in D2 and D3 now. Lets hope the next Diablo game will have a better anti-cheat solution.


The more you increase the rate with which players gain XP the more botters you’ll have. Power creep in D3 has been raising through the years and so botters. Legit players has been leaving and botters slowly becoming the larger portion of the player pool. Sad story. A D3 story. You don’t need to follow the in-game campaign story even - this one is more dramatic.

I wrote in another forum I will be quitting Diablo if they don’t fix botting in D4. Enough is enough.


I am not a high end player so it does not effect me. But even I can figure out that if the top end leader boards are filled with people that have an average time in game of 14 hrs per day, every day, something must be very wrong. They also seem to get to that 3500 paragon really fast. This was on Reddit, enjoy.

Look at me everyone I am in the top 1% in a 7 year old game.
That is great how did you do it?
I cheated.
What did you receive as a reward for cheating?
What was the point?
I don’t know.


Would you do it again?
Sure, why not?
They may ban you…
I don’t care.

D3 looks like one big social experiment at this point. And I hope it is…


I just don’t understand the cheater mentality. It makes no damn sense to me.

So a player wants to play the game…but they don’t want to play, so they create a bot to play the game, so they can play the game.

Sheesh, my heads spinning just typing that out.


What most ppl are freaking out about cheating is SC botters.

But what about HC?

Hmm, look at the leader boards in HC and talk about that!


I’ll give you a hint.
Look at your life!
Did you ever cheat in school at test time?
Ever look over at another persons desk for answer to #4?

Ever steal something ever?
Ever cheat or lie on your tax returns?

Ever tell a lie about another person ever in your life?

I am just touching on the tip of it and you now know you are a cheater and guilty as hell within your life.

And you now understand what makes a cheater.
You only have to look at yourself!


There are 4 type of cheaters:

  • Those that do it to gain advantage and rank higher - these use bots while AFK to farm stuff they’ll use later
  • Those that do it, because they find it fun and want to optimize their bot routes - they run bots all the time
  • Those that want to show off lying to others what they have accomplished - these run bots the majority of time
  • Those that hate to do a certain activity and use botting to get the rewards from it - they use bots whenever needed

@ Chetanji

  1. No.
  2. No, I was the guy other people looked at.
  3. No, my parents taught me not to.
  4. No, I don’t have to. We claim 0 dependents all year, so that we can claim dependents at tax time to get a refund. In other words, we pay more taxes all year long so that we get money back at tax time.
  5. No. I try not to lie. My parents taught me that too. Most times, the truth will serve you better than a lie anyway.

I hope that answers your questions.


Pretty much the same replies would be valid for myself. Not all people engage in such activities. :slightly_smiling_face:


So, adults cheating in D3 and destroying the integrity of the game for others, is the same as my telling a lie when I was 7, get real. Stop deflecting.:-1:


The problem with lack of enforcement of the rules becomes self-evident when one can see that there are multiple players on the leaderboards who are averaging more than 22 hours of game time per day over 2 months. Blizzard should start with obvious cheaters (botters or account sharers that are in violation of the ToS/EULA) and work from there.


Yes, people that cheat in an online game do so in other forms of their life.
And everyone is a liar at some point in their life.
That is just the way life is now.
“No honey, I was with my friends having a few beers!”
“I was not cheating on you sweetie!”

at work you never steal a pen or paper clips or paper to take home with you?

Get real!

They do. Nobody was laid off from that team at all. They work on solutions across all Blizzard games and websites though so are rather busy. They also never announce what they are developing or what progress they are making. They also never announce ban waves ahead of time. We are overdue for one though, so I hope the end of this season if not next. I also hope for improvements in how they are done given it has been a bit.

I don’t even know what to say to this. Do you really think most people do those things??!! Honestly they don’t. Kids do lie, but most learn not to.

  1. Never ever cheated on a test. I was busy covering mine to people could not look. I don’t need to cheat at school, nor in games, nor at work. Never have.

  2. Never ever intentionally stole anything. Mom let me hold a small item (cherry chapstick) when I was 4 to keep by busy and let me feel important. I did not put it on the conveyer belt. She realized before we got to the car. We went back in and she made me apologize, even though it was an innocent accident, and she gave me the money to pay.

  3. No, I have never cheated on taxes nor do I know anyone who has! This is just crazy to assume regular people do that!

  4. Lie about others? I consider that vile and mean. Sure I lied when I was a kid and blamed things on my sister. However I have good parents who taught me right from wrong and that sort of juvenile nonsense ended very early.

I really don’t understand people who justify cheating by assuming everyone else cheats in life. They really don’t.


Okay, glad to hear that.
Thanks for that information.

I don’t justify cheating.
I was simply stating that everyone lies, steals, cheats in one form or another at some point in their life.

That being said, I am talking about the hate filled people that scream at the so called botters and such talking about how pure they are and demanding ban waves post after post.

Don’t cast stones as you live in a glass house is the proper understanding.

If you stick a knife into another by thought, word or dead you are handling a double ended knife that you stick into the other and yourself at the same time.


I can tell you for a fact, that when I lie, if at all, I always wind up telling the truth because my conscience gets the better of me.

You want to know why?

Well it’s because as I was growing up and I got caught doing something wrong, the punishment my parents gave me was always worse if I lied about it. So it became ingrained in my nature to be as truthful as I possibly could.

I don’t know what kind of upbringing you had, but I imagine mine wasn’t that much different than most people’s.


You don’t seem to understand…

Calling out cheaters is a good thing. Cheaters are bad. I’m not sure if they deserve sympathy. On one hand, it’s possible they do. If something in their life is so messed up that about the only thing that makes them feel good is to cheat in a video game, then I can see how they might deserve a modicum of sympathy.

On the other hand, doing something wrong and feeling good about it, isn’t normal and shouldn’t be sympathize or empathized with. And it isn’t wrong for people to feel neither for people like that.


Is that supposed to be irony or sarcasm?