Ballista - Primal Roll Question

Hi Guys,
Got a pretty nice primal Ballista the other day, would like to consult about re roll.
it has:
1000 dex
23950 life per hit.

Shall I roll the dex off or the life per hit? I’m feeling like I want to roll the dex but what is your opinion?

Don’t roll off the Dex.

I would say life per hit is the least valuable stat there, especially considering that you should be using Simplicity’s Strength and possibly even Shadow Power: Gloom.

Then again, you’ll really notice the life on hits…

life per hit into AD


If you dual wield that Ballista with Dawn, you only get 5% damage not 10% so if it was mine, I’d roll that 10% to AD and keep the LpH.

While 5% is not 10% - 5% is still a lot in an optimized build. Maybe you’ll find a perfect Cirri - it 's 10% again and you would regret i that you ruined a perfect item.

LpH - the build has already a lot from simplicities and shadowpower (plus indirect LpK gain). But I don’t now how often it procs here - if 4 pc works (piercing not) - that would already be ~6 LoH hits per second.

As Ballista is usually played with Squirts and used for speeds- LpH to Vit might actually help. You could also roll to AD or maybe elite Damage - since it is a primal you can easily change that. For primals it doesn’t matter what you roll actually - what matters only which slot you roll off.

I would roll LpH to X. For pushing with AD - I’d go with valla - but you can do this with ballista. Reroll it then to AD. Just remember that you can change primals easily.

Even if LpH is super nice for now - you can roll it off and then just pick it again :wink:

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