Baldur's Gate 3 vs D4 vs DOS 2 vs D3, honest opinions plz

Baldur’s Gate 3 vs…
D4 vs…
Divinity Original Sin 2 vs…

So which is better, in what areas is it better, and what makes it better. Fanboys, put your bias aside and be honest. I’m weighing purchasing options.

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss is still up there in my book.

Just saying.


:notes: Music from UUW1 (MIDI/game footage)

Thank you. I’m rather turned off by 8-bit, blocky, MSDOS graphics. I will say though, that if I could get a Grim Dawn with:

  • D3 graphics and effects
  • a hybrid GD and D3 itemization (guns/rifles, elemental conversions, etc)
  • GD dual class specialization

…I think that would be a very exciting game to play.

Just a throwback from an older era. :slight_smile:

It was a pioneering game… It predates Wolfenstein 3D.

Fate the cursed king.

I’ve played DOS 2 and it is great. I haven’t finished it, but its pretty awesome.

Can they even be compared? Action- and turned based games are so different.

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Elden Ring?

That is a pretty good game. I enjoyed most of it, but I liked Dark Souls 1 & 3 better. DS has a more unique style/universe.

I don’t have D4 so I don’t have a mountain of experience to draw from. I’ve played D3 and DOS 2. DOS 2 is very good.

I haven’t played Elden Ring yet. How would you rate it?

I haven’t played Elden Ring either. I can play D4 after upgrading Ram and installing an SSD but my CPU is a good deal lower than the required i5 8400 for Elden Ring.
(Not a D4 fanboy. Just playing slowly through the campaign).

One could always find some youtube gameplay videos of Elden Ring and get a somewhat impression of it.

This thread supposed to be at Games and Technology Discussion. Just because there’s a smidge of Diablo 3’s name doesn’t make the thread about Diablo 3 or Diablo series at all. Baldur’s Gate and Divinity series are not part of Diablo 3 or its series. Also you are comparing CRPG titles to ARPG titles, which is nothing short of comparing apples to oranges.


If D3 is a 8/10, and Dark Souls 3 is a 9/10, then I think Elden Ring is a 7/10. But I think you should play it yourself, it’s a beautiful game, your jaw might drop a few times.


They’re both fruit.
They both grow on trees.
They’re both good sources of vitamin C.
Their juices have similar amounts of calories.
They both have seeds.
They’re roughly of similar sizes and weights.
You can compare and contrast almost anything.

BossDogg I’ve only played Diablo 3 of those four games so no help here. This is such a personal preference issue that you really need to do your own research. Best bet is to find someone with each game and make friends. There is no substitute for a hands-on experience.


At least people are still posting in here and keeping this place alive with threads that are not insulting people. So you (yes you) hypocritical forum police who want to criticize people for every little thing but have no issue with doing it yourself can go kick rocks.

OP, Divinity is one I’ve not tried.

BG3, I feel is extremely overrated. It’s not the first time I’ve tried a game that got a bunch of praise that just wasn’t fun.

D4, well, we all know how that went. I even tried forcing myself to enjoy it and despite my best efforts, just couldn’t. The game is pretty, has some really good ideas but it feels more like a game in pre-beta than anything. I think it has potential and with a big overhaul could be fun. Akin to Cyberpunk 2077 (I know I’ve mentioned this before)… I felt the exact same when that game first came out. I wanted so bad to like it but it just wasn’t good. Now with it’s overhaul, is a very very fun game.


I actually played DOS 2, but only for about 1 hour, too much stuff to pick up and I couldn’t get into the atmosphere, so I played about 10 hours of Pillars Of Eternity instead. Didn’t complete that either.

The only games I have completed in that genre are Knights Of The Old Republic 1&2. I didn’t even play through Baldurs Gate 2 because of a bug half way in, and I didn’t bother to restart.

All are RPGs but one side is CRPG while other is ARPG. Hence why I gave apples and oranges. One is orange or crimson, other vary between red, green and sometimes even yellow. They’re not the same thing. There’s no contrast between them.
Ask your friend if they like apples or oranges, the answer will vary between persons and they’ll even give you specifics of color and season that fruit taste the best. RPG players are just like that, some like sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, medieval, turn-based, action. You can not put personal preferences in a pot and melt them all.

Aside from this topic is being off-topic, this is not deep as you think it is as it’s a subjective matter. When it’s subjective and spread among different franchises it better be carried to the Games and Technology instead of General Discussion for Diablo 3 itself.
People compare D4 and D3 here is just enough, thread starter only wants to see the borders and pushing it.

You’re just splitting hairs.


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Calm down. Why are you tripping? I’m asking for honest opinions and the reasoning to support those opinions.


Hard to compare games from different genres. I think they all have their good and bad points when taken separately. BG vs Div would be a fairer question.

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