Average Time to Kill RG GodDH

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to clear my personal best GR 139 non season the last 4 afternoons. I have already spawned the RG about 12 times but always end up failing because not being able to kill it in time.

My last 3 attempts

  • Stone Singer and Bone Warlock with 5 mins left but still failed by about 1 min (approx 6 mins)
  • Raziel with 2 minutes left and killed him in 4:26 min
  1. Could someone explain to me if the little adds that Stone Singer and Bone Warlock spawns will interfere with Stricken count?

  2. Just wondering how much of an effect having a higher Stricken gem level will make. I only play solo and my gem is stuck at 136 as I was unlucky at 137 & 138 clears

Thanks for the inputs!

Yeah a 150 Stricken and some higher Augments might shape off 30 seconds or more. So this could be the clear you are looking for then.

Yeah the adds interfere with stricken. Adds = Areadmg = good but also adds = less stricken stacks on boss.

Also positioning might help.
Try to be as close as possible to the boss, to get the max amount of pierces as the traveldistance of Hungering Arrow is limited.

If there is a wall try to pull him to that wall and then go behind him so you are in parallel to that said wall. This way your arrows dont get stuck in the wall and can pierce more often.

You could use singleout / calltrobs-bait the trap to maximise your dmg on the boss

Actually this isn’t entirely accurate.

In scorched chapel, we tested all distances on a single target to see if distance play a vital role in the amount of pierces when nothing else is around. Being on top of the mob, as well as max distance resulted in getting 3 hits more often than the other distances.

It was rare to get 5 hits from any distance, but between 20 to 40 yards, we saw 4 hits the most often, with the occasional 5. We were not able to get 5 hits being directly on top of the mob, nor at max distance.

The amount of pierces we’re very random, even standing in the same spot. We could not conclude that there’s a “best” distance, other than don’t be too close or too far. The introduction of the buffed ninth cirri quiver sorta botched what we knew to be true about HA’s travel distance in the past.

Yes, it does. Adds are terrible for stacking stricken, but great to proc AD with and gain additional pierces for more damage.

It’ll help a little.

To get as far as you have at your paragon, you obviously know what you’re doing. My best advice is to save a power pylon for RG. The build itself is piss poor on single target relative to it’s trash clearing potential. Having power at the RG will make a big difference.

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Thank you so much Psikill and DiEoxidE.

With respect to positioning, for bosses that spawn a few adds - Warlock, Ember etc. Would having the RG as the closest target or attempting to shoot the RG through the adds make any difference?

Still waiting for lady luck to shine on me unfortunately :sweat:



Stricken will stack on whatever is hit first by one of your attacks after the ICD of the gem has elapsed.

So: shooting the RG through some adds will probably result in stacks on the adds, rather than on the RG. Staying as close as possible to the boss should help you to get the stacks where you want them.

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Thanks Rage. Noted!

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Mhhh interesting. There are tons of different opinions out there about this special topic.

Even Iria says the HA Travel Distance is limited.

When you tested it, did you make sure that the angel from which you shoot the boss is still the same and there is no wall etc behind him?

Is there a Video of that , id like to see that.?

Staying close also applies the 60% slow of your Fan of Knives which then triggers Cull of the Weak if the boss is not slowed already by your templar. Sometimes this helps.

So: Stay close, make sure there is no wall behind him / shoot him parallel to the wall and also whirl through him once in a while to apply FoK

Iria was the one that I did the test with. It was done on my stream a while back, so i’ll have to dig a bit to find it and clip that portion and turn it into a video.

The reason we didn’t put out our findings is because our test involve the target standing completely still so that we can replicate results. Since our results concluded that the amount of pierces that happen is random regardless of distance, and targets never stand still, the distance in reality has little to no effect on the amount of pierces on a single target unless you’re at the extremes (super close or at the very edge HA’s range).

What happens when you’re really close is that the arrow pierces initially, travels quite a bit after the first pierce, then turns around to continue piercing the same target. That first pierce does not immediately turn around as you would think, as if it’s seeking out other targets before turning around to pierce the initial target again. It is because of this that we don’t see 5 pierces happening and 3 pierces show up more often. It is different when there’s other targets around and being a little closer changes the dynamic of the arrow because the arrow has something to target fairly quickly after the first pierce.

When you’re at the edge, the arrow turns and pierces almost immediately, though the arrow has already traveled a good distance before the first pierce. Because of this, you have already exhausted the travel distance and it’s unlikely you’ll get 5 pierces on that single target. This also however, changes if other targets are around as well.

I’m not saying that the travel distance isn’t limited, what I’m saying is that the quiver changes the behavior of the arrow itself, in terms of when and how it decides to pierce.

I’m sure I can bug Iria and record a video with him doing this test again.

Just in case you spawn a power on the first floor, leave some density alive near it, and ignore pylon, only to TP town at 98% progression or so and spawn the boss near the pylon.
This could be a clear saver.


Ok,so due to your test the optimal distance for a bossfight is 20-40 yards?

yep ive done/attempted this many times. in my 137 clear i saved it on floor 2 and ran through whole first floor again lol…

with less paragon but higher gems, i was finding good rg’s to be about 4 min kill at 140. stonesingers ads arent the worst for stricken cause they are stationary, but for me with low level they were killing me more than he was. bone warlock is pretty bad cause hitting the skeletons cant really be avoided.

The arrow seems to have a set maximum distance. However, the arrow’s turn-around distance varies a bit; it seems to travel further before turning around if firing at close range rather than farther ranges. There is also some randomness in that you will get 3-5 pierces (sometimes only 2) on a stationary player-sized target. Maybe it’s easier to get 5 pierces on bigger targets (e.g. Voracity).

Yes, that is what we found.

Hey guys,

Thanks again so much for all the tips. Finally after almost 400 keys spawned Hamelin right next to a power pylon.

Cleared GR 139 in 13:51. Right below you Iria! :slight_smile: :grin:


Season or Nonseason?

Have you been replying to this topic all this time without reading the original post? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ups. You did it like the Boyband from the 90s. You caught me in the act xD

Yeah sometimes im just brainfarting. Didnt scroll up again and was wondering about a 139 clear cause for me 137 seasonal is already troublesome.

And i was probably spending too much time in one spefic Thread in the Necromancer forum. Because some of the posts there, some of my braincells abandoned me, formed a cult and decided to commit mass suicide.

Well Congratulations!


I’m going to use that :slight_smile:

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: