Autocast on cooldown?

I’ve been playing WW/Rend Barb for a number of years and can assure you it’s definitely possible to maintain 100% up-time on Wrath of the Berserker without the axe.

I’ve also got an Impale DH that can maintain 100% up-time on Vengeance, and an old Condemn Crusader that can maintain 100% up-time on Akkarat’s Champion.


We can now safely ignore everything you say from this point on, simply because you are so very very wrong. If you are going to join the conversation, please at least be correct in your claims, otherwise, you just end up looking foolish.

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wow is that ever hostile. did you ever consider the possibility that i didnt know it was even possible?

Obviously you didn’t even do a quick internet search, or even a basic in game inquiry to find out before you stated your (wrong) opinion as fact. I’m not here to reward your laziness or ignorance.

Besides, your comments add nothing to the conversation, and if anything detract from it. At least have a basic understanding of a topic before you post.


ah well, you offered absolutely nothing to prove that i am wrong. meteorblade did, though, but, since even he offered no actual proof. what cooldown reductions are there? what items did he use? what skills and what rune did he use? what powers did he use?

since theres no proof, i have to call BS.

Call it what you like, but you’re wrong.
Here, knock yourself out…

My non-seasonal WW/Rend Barb’s Armoury Page
Here’s a d3planner link -

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there’s 4 buttons with right click and left click…if you can’t be bothered with so few buttons maybe this game isn’t for you?

Pretty sure the issue is not about button presses, but rather making sure you don’t have a gap in uptime. Having the skill refresh itself as soon as it’s off cooldown is more reliable than you pressing the button yourself. Especially if you’re right at CDR cap, no room for error.


Normally I cringe everytime I see a post requesting a QoL adjustment, but this is one I can actually get on board with.

Missing that recast by even a second when you have half the mobs in a rift on you is no Bueno.

And while this season I am slacking, normally, like Meteorblade, my WW/Rend Barb has 100% uptime on WotB without “the axe”. Just because you haven’t gotten there yet Mathalamus, doesn’t make it BS.

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it all depends on that ring power, i see.

also, please roll the physical damage to lightning on that amulet. unless that somehow affects WotB.

That’s your second grave error in this thread. Third strike and you’re out! :laughing:

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again, without showing why im wrong. you cant just decide that im wrong without proof. you just look like a bully.

You’re wrong since the primary damage dealer in that build is Rend. He’s using the ww rune for fury generation.


at least you have some sense.

Let me put some sense into your head: instead of saying, it’s impossible to have an uptime on long cooldown. You could have asked, is it possible to have uptime on long cooldowns? Instead of saying, please roll the physical damage to lightning. You could have asked, why do you have physical and not lightning on your amulet?

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In the WW/Rend build, Whirlwind accounts for almost none of your damage. It’s there purely to apply Rends to mobs, either automatically as a result of Ambo’s Pride (which does not benefit from Area Damage) or by being manually cast (which does benefit from Area Damage). Well over 95% of your damage comes from Rends, not from Whirlwind. Rend is runed with Bloodbath, which is a physical rune. That’s why both my amulet and bracers have +20% Physical damage on them, as it’s giving a 40% damage buff to the primary damage dealing ability in the build.

Might I suggest that before you make any more claims about what’s possible / impossible, beneficial / non-beneficial, for a WW/Rend Barbarian you have a read through this thread…

Scattered throughout that thread you’ll see posts from myself and others with our personal bests with the build, both seasonal and non-seasonal, some with screenshots or videos. So far, my highest solo push with WW/Rend, non-seasonal, is a GR130. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the build but if there’s something you think isn’t covered in that thread, just ask, and lots of very knowledgeable Barbs will help you out.

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There are different ways it could be:

  1. Cast it as soon as it comes off cooldown
  2. Cast it as soon as it expires
  3. Cast it every so many seconds

WotB as an example you can cast before it drops. If you NumLock it that’s what it does. Can be advantageous to wait until it’s actually expiring.

This comment triggered me to think about that ideal - timing the cast to when it’s about to drop rather than when it’s coming off cooldown.

Might be considered to be the game doing too much for you rather than relying on player skill to cast things at the ideal time, but on the other hand with some skills you have to spam it becomes a real health issue with carpal tunnel.

The problem with the numlock trick, is that for it to work, you need to stop channeling. And WW really never does… and neither do lots of skills.

Yes, with the numlock trick, you need to still keep an eye on skill’s cooldown so you can let go of your channeling in order to pop WotB, etc.

Yep, I’m sure if I bothered to look, I’d be able to find my post from a few years back suggesting this. I remember getting into a debate with someone who was of the mindset that having to press a skill every 15-20sec when it comes off cooldown was part of the skill with this game. My argument is that there are those who can only play one handed (which my brother’s friend’s younger brother falls into due to a physical impairment) and playing with all 6 skills on a mouse is not a fun experience. If they were to spec up with 4x cooldown skills that could auto cast upon cooldown, it would be a lot more enjoyable.

Anyway, really hope they add this feature before patching of the game ends.

Numlock the little bugers.