Aughild's 2-piece bonus

Where does the 2 piece bonus for Aughild’s show up? I can see the 30% Elite dmg bonus and mitigation on details tab but nothing particular for the 2 piece bonus. Any help would be appreciated.

To be a little more clearer, the 2-piece bonus gives the wearer:
+30% dmg, and
+15% dmg reduction

but when I equip that 2 piece bonus my dmg does not improve 30% so I am not seeing how that is being applied.

Now for the 3 set bonus, i can see on the details tab that Elite damage bonus in 30% and reduction is 30% too.

I am just worried that I am not getting the 2-piece 30% bonus damage.

What say you?

If the set effect shows up in green, it should apply. Some effects that increase overall damage don’t really show up on the sheet damage for some reason.

Another test is to beat something up. If wearing Aughild’s helps you beat it up faster, then it’s probably working. :yum: