Aspect Ratio easy Fix

Instead of removing it cause of unfair pvp advantages. just make PVP games specifically 16:9. Lets be honest tho MMOs, ARPGs, etc are soooo much better on 21:9. Im running my $1000 34in alienware and it is disappointing to see those black bars.

-edit i think a cool idea is for designated pvp games should be open 24/7 and have like a 20 player game limit gets old when the games full with the same 8 people for hours

So how do you fix the monster aggro range issue?? In the words, how do you fix the PvM part?
With 21:9, you can kill monster when they are never going to attack you.


only reason its pulled is cause of dueling crybabies


That and saying PvP designated games sounds a lot like forcing handshake in regular pubs

The problem of some folks are pvp. But the game itself doesn’t work properly after 19:9.

So, isn’t about pvp. Folks who often plays pvp are the louder crowd, but the game itself didn’t worked well.

So… no, isn’t a easy fix. Requires mapping AI pathfinding, reworking how several skills would work, how objects interact with the map, how “render” the map and stuff like that. That’s easily take a ton of time because most of them it’s a test of trial and error. Just the change to accept 16:9 already made them to change those stuff, it’s amazing that they could stretch up 19:9. This game was planned ad 4:3. Each time they need to change some on scale or aspect they would hit a wall. If they some way reach 21:9, eventually folks would ask 23:9 until something like 32:9. How they are supposed to make all those stuff to work solving several issues in a limited time and with higher priorities?

It’s Pareto’s Principle, you do 20% of the work to please 80% of the crowd. The time and cost isn’t viable right now to do it, maybe in future would be, maybe not. The issue is that no matter what you do someone would ended unpleased, even about stuff that are optional.


No, PvP dueling crybabies isn’t the only reason.


If you can call them dueling crybabies, can other call you UW crybaby?
I am not saying they could, but just asking.

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I’m all for as big as the game allows but 32:9 is ridiculous, plus it’s been tossed around before but ya no issue locking pvp to 16:9. I would even go further and say if you hit hostile you go straight to 16:9 and other members can’t do dmg or be hurt and maintain aspect, anyone who decides to enable hostile then has the same restrictions.

19:9 is hardly an advantage pvmwise as you will travel by map more than anything else.

Dunno I get the hate but then I don’t get the hardline on it.

The best way to explain how broken things go:
Pick d2 cd and install it
Pick d2 lod cd and install it

Don’t apply any patch. Run as windows xp compatibility mode as admin mode or in a vm. Enter the game, choose sorc or amazon, leave the camp and press scroll lock one time. You could search and find monsters roughly 4 screens in each direction kill them and don’t even aggro them.

That’s the major issue. If you had meteor, guided arrow or blizzard you wouldn’t even need to aim properly.

That’s was a thing until they patched to disable scroll lock, they applied the Pareto’s Principle in there, just removing the function instead of solve the problem which ended solving almost all issues they had.

On d2r on the other hand they solved until the point they could address, which was 19:9.

The pvp switch effect it’s a thing that would solve nothing, the scroll lock effect would be in there anyways. Would only please louder crowds not the problem itself. The louder crowd doesn’t represent the majority of the playerbase, because most d2 players plays single player because bnet were plagued with cheats. Which I hope the same thing doesn’t affect in the same scale as affected d2.

That’s why isn’t because the louder crowd, but because breaks the game as scroll lock broke in the past. If you still would enjoy the experience, then you should keep asking for that because the current state would be really similar to that.

Edit: issue with quote

One of the easy solutions imo is just to allow the player to decide if they want to play UW in SP. Leave it as it was in alpha, it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings in a non-MP setting.

However, still as you are referring to MP I can’t see it being that big of an advantage in MP anyways. You bring up the scroll lock that has been dead for a long long time. The only thing that brings an “advantage” in UW is the longer range at one could see another person or enemy. There were suggestions such as fog of war, seeing outside of 16:9 area is greyed out but still visible, 16:9 toggle in game creation, etc.

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I’m only responding to you, because appears on my feed that your response was directly towards one of my posts. If you didn’t, feel free to ignore or just read as not directly towards your post.

It’s exactly the issue that scroll lock had, which was fixed by them disabling the feature. Having 21:9 or 23:9 or even 32:9 aspect ratio would work as the same feature as scroll lock. Because the monster AI wouldn’t react like didn’t reacted when folks were using scroll lock and skills would work in unintended way, would be just more pratical to use because you wouldn’t need to move the screen to check the monsters and do the same stuff.

I didn’t stated MP in my post. So i’ll just ignore that part. If you fail to notice the same behavior as scroll lock that was like you said: “has been dead for a long long time”. I don’t know what anything I said would be productive to say how bad experience would be, I don’t know a single person who would play with scroll lock more than a hour at max, maybe you could, I wouldn’t argue with you in that scenario anyways.

Because scroll lock had the same behavior, see what are in your surroundings and effectively interact to it with the object itself “ignoring you”, either if was a physical obstacle, an monster or a chest. It’s literally de same as advocate they shouldn’t fix scroll lock at first place.

That’s one of “popular solutions”, which often doesn’t solve things like how certain skill works, AI path find and stuff like that. It’s the same as literally interacting with the “limits” from scroll lock again, causing some odd behavior but instead of non-properly rendered info would be a fog. Some skills has yards limits, others screen limits. They would need to mess with several stuff to enable that kind of perk to actually work properly, which is time consuming and has less priority for them, at least right now.

Which goes again to Pareto’s Principle. If they would implement something, they would have to deal with several bugs and issues that would arise from those changes, like they done at 16:9 and 19:9 at first place. That kind of fix takes time, not one half-baked one as most folks thinks that could solve. If they would do it would be in a proper way, by addressing several problems that would surge from that.

Not be like folks asking for keep certain bugs instead of fix those bugs and adress the issues from fixing those bugs.

So, if you want them to make the UW support as a thing in the current state, wouldn’t be that different from scroll lock at all, not on mechannic wise. Which I would repeat myself:

Otherwise, keep asking for the feature in the future, but at least ask for a well rounded solution, not half-baked one. Because would be scroll lock experience if they just throw a fog in there. By doing fog-of-war without addressing the mechannics behind it’s a half-baked solution, to not a solution at all.

Again, isn’t about pvp or multiplayer, it’s about how the game handles stuff and what that could be reflected to player. They could have kept the scroll lock issue in the past, why they choose to remove it?

If you only think was because PVP you’re naive, because I know at least 3 folks who tried the step I mentioned on my previous post and they didn’t liked to play that way more than 30 minutes the game or just avoided to use the feature itself to actually keep playing, because as they quoted:

“wasn’t fun to beat defenseless monsters or the lack of element of surprise, d2 has a dark eerie that gets lost with the scroll lock thing.”

“what’s the purpose of killing stuff that even can’t notice being beaten? Having huge light radius makes even caves tedious”

“Even as lazy I’m, I wouldn’t play this way, isn’t fun to know the stuff and they even can’t react to it. I think you have point if I would experience it on my 32:9 setup”

If scroll lock experience would please you, fine. If not, at least ask for a better solution not half-baked one, that’s my advice if you want the fog-of-war try ask also for them solve the issues behind the limitations also. The louder crowd talks about pvp and multiplayer, but can also hinders your experience as single player if not folks would play with scroll lock even today on single player.

it should be 4:3 in pvp games and than 19:9 in pvm games unless they can fix the AI issue

that way pvp purist keep the “balance” they know and love and everyone else gets the shiny new ratios.

It’s not you just have to deal with the fact you might have a smaller aspect ratio in non “competitive” pvp

You are wrong. They limited it to 19:9, wich is the maximum ratio that allows monsters to react to an incoming attack. 19:9 is also bad for pvp and will make gm duels to be harder to set up.

The game engine wasn’t made for ultrawide, the mobs aggro range would have to be adjusted and that opens a new can of worms that no-one wants

The Monster trigger AI is the only reason 21:9 is not supported at the render level. PVP isn’t even remotely on the radar for this.
Changing the trigger range doesn’t even fix the issue because then people at 16:9 will suffer from being unable to avoid triggering monsters off screen.

You can argue it works just fine in other ARPGs but those games were designed around their limitations from the start.