Asheara's Vestments

What If Asheara’s Vestments change to call all followers to your side?

It will be Cooooooooooool and More Useful.

So, PLZ, Fix IT. :>

So, like it already does?

4-pc: Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.

Oh, I bet you mean to remove the “occasionally” part to have them around all the time.

Year~ that’s what I just say~

No thanks. One is more than enough. Its not like you can benefit from emanated items more than once.

You wouldn’t benefit from multiple Emanates, but you’d have 3 cheat deaths and all the extra follower skills being activated all the time. It wouldn’t be too OP imho if Asheara’s was 100% active.

If you need 3 cheat deaths you’re doing it wrong.