As much as I'm excited for the D2 remaster

I hate that current Blizzard promo tactics are to use streamers to showcase or interview the developers. I get I’m probably in the minority but to me it just seems so cringy. It doesn’t take anything away from the D2 Remaster for me, but I just don’t find it fun to watch when I have to hear this person especially.

With Mrllamasc in particular, I’m not a fan of Youtubers or streamers asking for subs / donations before the user has even gotten a chance to see if they enjoy the content. Just a pet peeve of mine. Anyway that’s it, just not a fan of the whole concept of this I guess.


I mean, Blizzard could use IGN/Polygon/Kotaku staff instead, or an in-house community rep. And you’d get far more low-ball/safe questions.

Even if you dislike youtubers/streamers, most people would agree they’re still the lesser of two evils.


Yeah that’s true I suppose. I just don’t get why they wouldn’t do their own presentation themselves inhouse instead of using a streamer for it. But I get this isn’t out of place for them as the last few years Blizzard has been pushing hard marketing people like this. I’m just not a fan and probably the wrong age group for it; maybe it just rubbed me the wrong way more this time because Mrllamasc (in my opinion) is someone I wouldn’t support myself.


I kinda like the streamer thing, those people worked hard on their Youtube channel and they are part of the community.


Sorry I’m just going to remove this, I don’t want to argue with anyone. Thanks for listening though.

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Hey, its all just opinions at the end of the day. And you feel how you feel. Dont sweat it.

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I’d much rather hear questions coming from a community gamer than --insert company person–. Not only that, it really shows Blizzard’s gratitude towards streamers.


Thanks, yeah I considered not posting this originally because I didn’t want to make people feel crappy if they support that person. I’ve just seen so many (what I would call bad) practices from streamers and Youtubers and I guess I was a little shocked they went with this guy. Not a fan, but ah well.


Could the questions be any softer then MrLlamas? I mean, maybe if we were playing T-ball. It was like a beagle staring at a hamburger - everything he’d ever wanted.

But I imagine a goodly percentage of old D2 players looking at "No items changed, no balancing, no new content, no drop rate adjustments" and thinking...Didn't I play this **exact same game to death for 5 years**?

I appreciate good discussion.

This is because he is the only at least somehow famous person who knows tiny details of the game. I’m sure no one in present Blizz has this deep D2 knowledge anymore, that’s why they asked him.

Well, I got more bad news for you…

Chances are Streamers will get into the Alpha and Beta before anyone else because they are considered “influencers” who give the game free press.

And even more bad news lol. The big streamers accounts allow them to jump the queues on launch day and login immediately, regardless of how big the queue is. Which I get, because its a bad look to have 10,000 people watch you staring at a login screen.

Is that a thing? I don’t think that’s a thing.

Its a thing. I cant say it happens with Blizzard, I really dont know, but it happens with other companies.

Well said. MrLlama’s interview was well done. He asked good questions and shows more enthusiasm and knowledge than any big game journalist company would have.


They literally need to do that. Not only is the youtube algorithm very funky, many people actually forget to subscribe and enable notifications even though they think they already did. There’s also the issue of youtube actually unsubscribing people from channels without any warning. Unless the content creator reminds the viewers to check their subs, many people who actually are interested in subscribing won’t do so. As for donos, the only instances I’ve seen of LLama “asking” for them was in man vs. streamer and other such things where donos are used for interaction. Which is, again, targeted at his regular viewers already and a standard twitch thing.

I’m not sure if LLama is a fulltime streamer/tuber, but if he is, playing by the algorithm’s rules like that is literally the way to pay his bills.

I don’t really care to watch streamers, but they’re an undeniable source of great advertisement for developers. Especially when you’ve got a streamer largely centered around a single game.

As for the sub/donation thing, my understanding is that most of them pretty much have to do that or they wouldn’t make a living. YouTube/Twitch can be a fairly harsh place to make a living if you aren’t absurdly popular.

Exactly. Youtube is constantly screwing people over with the subscriber thing, even unsubscribing people from channels without warning. Those constant reminders are just a result of the platform itself being insufferable to work with.

Agreed about the enthusiasm, entirely disagree about good questions. I would have been asking things like “We all played this game almost shot for shot, line by line, for 20 years. Am I just handing you 40+ bucks for a graphical update?” or questions on class balance, or rune drop rates and stuff. I mean, the game is out THIS YEAR. Not a whole lot of time to make necessary changes.