Armory won't equip Primordial Source at first try

I have an armory slot for T16 with “In-Geom” and “Orb of Infinite Depth” (primordial) and a second one for GR with “The Grand Vizer”.

The gems and everything else gets replaced correctly, but when chaing from a 2-Hand to 1-Hand and Primordial Source, the source does not get equipped at the first try, I have to click equip a second time in order for it to equip correctly.

This does not happen when using an Ancient or Normal legendary source, just with Primordial.

You’ll find some informations here


Now I understand why it happens.

They could fix this by saving the item that gave the duplicate error and try to equip it once again after all the other items were replaced, or give priority to primordial items to be the first ones to be replaced.

Just giving some ideas for a possible fix.