Argument to including Legacy of Dreams with the final Haedrig reward


Alright, well that’s cool then. Thanks!


I think that increasing the drop rate is a great start. We all appreciate that bit of knowledge!

This really made my week! Thanks for the response Nevalistis :slight_smile:


What is the drop rate for BotT? It alwasy seems to be one of the last gem to drop for me. And BotP always seems to be the first. I had no idea gems had different drop rates.


I doubt they will tell us that. I had naturally assumed that for the most part, they all had equal drop rates, but I suppose the best you could hope for an answer is that they either do have different rates, or they don’t. At least for this gem, we know they adjusted it to hopefully fall sooner than later, but that doesn’t mean it will for everyone… RnG is still apparently RnG.

Game on.


Guess I was lucky to get one on second gem


That’s actually by design. Bane of the Powerful should always be the first Legendary Gem you receive, as it’s kind of the “entry level” to Legendary Gems and usable by all classes.

We generally don’t share exact drop rates (nor do I have immediate access to that kind of information; I’m not able to look into details like that in dev tools or anything). If I recall correctly, all Legendary Gems should have roughly the same drop weight with the exception of Bane of the Powerful as noted above. This is a slight assumption and I’d need to confirm it for certain, but I believe we are just upping the availability of Legacy of Dreams because of its more utilitarian nature.


Ideally it should be the first drop guaranteed like Bane of the Powerful is now. Then make BotP the guaranteed second drop (or vice versa, either way) and RNG from then on. That would certainly eliminate most of the isues we’re seeing with acquisition.

And please, for the love of all that’s fun, consider condensing those ranks to 50 total (Rank 49 max). Doing so would make it feel much better as a sole progression method. Expecting players to get it to rank 99 to equal the original LoN is a bit nuts. It causes some pretty major brick walls to suddenly appear early on when trying to progress with the gem. Although the Rank 49 vs. 99 is only 2-5 greater rifts at the high end, the extended rank requirements hurts the low and middle part of the progression curve to an unwelcome extreme.


Not sure I agree. A year or two ago, I probably would have. But with the recent gearing model changes, the ease of getting most players easily into the high 90-100 ranges is not that hard. I’m currently grinding at GR90 for gem levels. Granted, not all builds are equal, and not everyone is going to have the same fortitude at researching or optimizing their builds. But overall, as you say, when you get near the higher end of the gem, the gain is not going to be much more when looking at a level 75 or 80 vs 99.

But that’s my opinion.

Game on.


The problem isn’t at the high end, it’s during progression. The extended number of ranks makes using it as an actual progression methodology excruciatingly unpleasant, especially early on when we have far fewer viable ancients. Condensing the ranks would at least allow us to have a smoother progression chain than slogging it manually to Rank 99, which outside of the meta builds isn’t exactly feasible for most players.

Basically, in a nutshell it felt good as a means of progression until about GR 35-40, then suddenly hit a brick wall because the power gain per point wasn’t keeping up with the scaling of the GRs.


Same could be said of leveling your character from 0-70 at the beginning of a season solo when there aren’t any friends that can power level you fast yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I get what you are saying.

That I understand. Probably best as a startup till you can put together a better gem farm build then work to level it higher, but yeah, I can see where capping it at say 50 or whatever might not be a bad idea. Or even say 75.


And therein lies the big problem we’re having. It’s being treated as a “farm up the gem and then use it” system. That sucks. When LoD was introduced it offered a glimmer of hope that finally the journey would feel good, not solely the endgame only. While LoD, like LoN, has actual endgame potential, LoD is in a unique position wherein it can actually be the journey and feel good, but not when we have to rank it to 99 like we do now. The power gain per rank brings the fun to a screeching halt long before we hit the halfway mark leveling it (and ourselves) up.


Not to be the fly in the ointment, the BotP is usable pretty much right away, even with sub optimal gear (including yellows to fill in the blanks), LoD really gets powerful once you start collecting useful Legendary and increments once Ancients come along.

Increasing the drop chance\luck doesnt really make all that much sense (IMHO), would rather see Stricken drop sooner or Zei’s,to be perfectly honest.


Agree with LoD being given as a reward for finishing chapter 1… Along with a ramaladni’s gift.


LoD provides essentially an instant power boost. Far, far more than any other gem will at introduction. And for those that want to, either for a challenge or for something different, it offers an actual progression path, as in you can actually progress with the gem as it levels. It just needs fewer ranks to help alleviate the brick wall problem it faces when you start getting past GR35-40 (the power gain per point isn’t keeping up with GR scaling). It won’t affect the high end because the total power remains the same. Only the distribution curve would change.


But it can’t be used with sets. Getting the first Haedrig’s Gift after you reach level 70 is trivial, even before you run a single GR. The gem is useless if you want to use the Gift. I would rather get another gem than this one.

It is far easier to run through the first 4 chapters, collect a full set, then jump to the higher torments. Sure, along the way if you get some decent legendaries, using the gem might be an alternative, but for getting started, the free set is faster.


You’re ignoring the fact that many of us would like to use the gem as the progressor, not the free set pieces from Haedrig’s Gift.


So why is your way better than mine? Forcing the LoD to drop earlier doesn’t help anyone wanting to use sets. The BotP can be used in any build, so it makes sense for that to drop first. After that, RNG is fine for determining gem drops in subsequent GRs.


The fact that the free set is faster to get started is a major problem. A lot of people complain that season is over too quickly since getting a set for free is essentially half of the progression just handed to you. At least using LoD instead means you have to earn the progression.

Being slower doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing.


It also is not hurting anyone who wants to start with sets, so what is the problem again?


It hurts others by not allowing a more useful gem to drop earlier. As stated, this gem doesn’t work with set bonuses, so forcing this gem to drop early instead of something like BotP or even BotT doesn’t help everyone, just a subset.

And that is fine, but in the same vein, it is also fine for that gem to drop later. After all, what is so wrong with the current setup? Why is your need any more important than others? What is the problem again?