Are you liars or are you lazy or incompetent? If not even that, are they ignoring players who play Blizzard games?

Does Blizzard ignore game players? It seems that there is not even minimal courtesy that there is not even a notice about the delay in closing


It is friendly all 3 servers are late, normally this level of amateurism is expected from a company that entered the game market yesterday and not from the blizzard that is years and years old. really only if you have a vision that you are aware of do not finish and nothing to update or any excuse. although we are tired of excuses this d3 team has already become a shame in everything a new problem arises ahaha


Are you lazy not to read the sticky post? There is the notice.

The notice hasn’t been re-updated in a while tho. At this rate I think the best approach is to re-schedule for exactly 24h more. Even if they fix the problems with hours to spare.

If they estimate the problem could take more than that, than just go for 48h or 72h or w/e they need. And if they fix it before the set time, just stick to the schedule.

Players don’t like to be re-checking if it’s done, over and over again, just to be disappointed each single time. Because a player could be hopeful and check every single hour, and just be disappointed many times throughout the day.

Same could be said If I decide to check once a day, but this takes a whole week to fix, and I get disappointed with each day I decide to check. Best is to say, this will take a week to fix, and we don’t waste time checking. If they fix it in 2 days, stick with the schedule.

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I mean, you are not gonna call us and tell us it’s done, we have to keep on re-checking, some will do it every 10 minutes, some will wait an hour, some will wait a day.

But we still have to re-check. And if you fail “our” deadline in our minds, check again and again. And this gets really disappointing.

Just set YOUR deadline, so we don’t have to keep guessing. And we can just go do other things in the meantime, and come back at the new schedule. Hopeful that you fulfill it.

Other than the stickied thread at the top of the forum you just posted in…

Also, you might like to check the Blizz Tracker and note that the first three posts returned are all communications about the delay.

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The OP complained of a lack of communication. Just because I showed there was communication doesn’t mean I think it’s okay that they’ve screwed up the ending on the previous two seasons on Asia and EU, and for many seasons on console.


I was playing calm bro. it doesn’t hit me … but I find it boring for a company of this size

From what I understand there’s no notice on other Blizz message boards in other countries. Already more than a day late on Asia.

So this is just an all around mess. Doesn’t help that they tried to end Season 21 on a weekend when nobody is at work in Blizz headquarters.

Fairly sure they’re doing it on purpose, because they’re fully aware how much S21 sucks. So they’re keeping it live for as long as possible to troll us.


Just like 2020, this, which is probably one of the worst seasons ever, is just never going to f#$%ing end… :man_facepalming:t4:


Perspective. We haz none.

I don’t even get disappointed anymore. Which is to say a lot, as D3 is my favorite pastime. Every new fail on the dev’s side just alienates me more and more from the game. I’ve lost trust in the company. But hey, that’s all the support you get for free. Bad news is that Blizz don’t even want to take our money to support D3, so it’s rotting on its branch until it expires completely. Now he (the lone dev) is unable to close the season. At this rate, I doubt next season will kick off as planned either.

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For as long as I can remember, seasons have ended on a Sunday.
Is there something special about this weekend? (It’s not Thanksgiving)

Overreact much?

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It’s not a special weekend. But obviously, this is a bigger problem than anyone anticipated and there’s no one around to fix it. That’s all I am saying.

It has been over 24hrs in Asia.

The OP has a point.

Blizzard is supposed to be 20+ years old and a veteran at this. The last few years has made me realize they are really amateurs. Whoever the leadership is at Blizzard now, they aren’t as good as the old Blizzard that I grew up with.


There are 8 Seasons that ended on Friday. One ended on Wednesday. And 12 Seasons have ended on Sunday.

Diablo III Seasons


What I see are some fanboys defending blizzard at any cost, even though they know this lack of communication is wrong … for example … blizzard says: jump off the bridge is safe, they will do it … I work in a corporation of which I am project manager and when we have any kind of problem (be it software and etc., the first thing is to inform our customers, through our quality control team … we test many times before pre launching any updates on our internal test servers … what I see is a great lack of communication between those responsible and some of the positions below … to say that as it is a pandemic and blah blah it is a lame excuse.

You’ve lost the plot. No one is defending Blizzard. People are saying the reaction to this bungle is out of proportion to its importance. Because it is. Epically. This isn’t a crisis. You’re not watching the end of civilization unfold live on network news. This isn’t the resistance. You’re not John Connor. Skynet hasn’t awakened. Your immortal soul isn’t in danger because you can’t sort the useless pixelated crap in your inventory.


imagine informing your customers that such a surprise will happen and the agreed day comes, nothing happens. I would feel bad for not having informed them, but since you are one of the suckers I will do what … and if you did not like what I said: go to sleep.