Are we getting a patch this time or?

Since there’s not a lot of stuff to test this time around, and pretty much all of the feedback required has been submitted within the first few days, but this is a 2 week PTR, are we getting some sort of patch or? Some communication from team blue would be nice. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope there’s an Inna Monk patch to buff up!

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I have a feeling they won’t personally.

1: Significantly improve Inna’s. It needs a 10x damage multiplier and 70-80% DR from the set itself. Possibly change how the set works and/or buff the items supporting it.

2: Most ethereals are fine, like 85% are, but some classes are getting left behind because there isn’t enough help towards their sets. MOST of the issue with this is their off-hands or their set bonuses ruin the ethereals, on top of the fact that a lot of the builds require at least 3 slots that are weapons or off-hands. So it barely benefits.

3: I heard the necromancer is significantly weaker then the math implies, just like the Inna’s set. On paper it sounds fine, but it’s actually way worse then it used to be. Might be the same with the sader, but I doubt it.

I think that’s all there is to do with the PTR right now.


Been almost a week now, has a bug, 2 underpowered sets and issues revealed with Eth’s. Still no “Hey we doin stuff!” post?

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Maybe some time in the afternoon or tomorrow could be nice.

Jeepers guys the whole point of a 2 week PTR is get 1 weeks worth of testing then release a PTR patch.

It will come today for sure. Clearly there are some bugged mechanics with Inna and it needs more juice so I assume we will get that addressed in a patch later today.

Looking at previous history of PTR patches in a two week cycle, they’ve done a mid-ptr patch each time.

PTR came out last Thursday. Mid-ptr patches have usually been a week after PTR initially launches, so I’d expect a patch today (Thursday) or Friday.


Hopefully today! Tomorrow at latest.

We should see something either today or tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll see some buffs to monks, wds, and dhs (it’s unlikely, but I can still hope).

So, hopefully later today…

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I’m stuck right now.

When I attempt to log onto the PTR I get a message saying there is an update and the app will shut down and automatically install the update, but no installation happens.

So, a CM said they are coming with an update a couple hours ago. That’s probably what’s happening.

The update is downloading for me right now… still looking for patch notes on the forums but they’re probably only available via Twitter or some other hideous social media thing.

They’re posted here. The PTR patch notes were updated on the main diablo 3 page. See link below.

Patch is in now, and PTR blog updated with quite a number of changes!

So far, I’ve only seen what it looks like in game. Looking through the notes, but what I seen is the Inna’s set stuff.

The Bracers are 200% damage, 5x for the fire allies and 200% for crudest boots. I think their abilities lasting longer used to be on the set, now it’s on the boots. The damage of the 6p has been bumped to 3000% damage per ally. No change to DR.

So it went from 12,062.5x multiplier for fire allies to 9,933x. On paper, sounds a lot worse. We will see with that. Looking over the rest.

The only thing they didn’t seem to address is the necromancer’s set. I don’t play it, but from what I heard, the damage is significantly lower then what is projected on paper. I like a lot of the updates to the ethereal weapons.

Indeed, I just hopped on to do a quick gr110 with water innas, now it feels really like a proper ‘speed’ run without the boom or bust feeling :sweat_smile:

Definitely. On paper it sounds worse, but it feels way better. Probably has to do with the bartucs if I am going to be honest.

EDIT: The set is now using the actual rune of the allies. My spirit is filling when using my mystic.

I can’t see anything regarding the fmodx64.dll freeze bug!!! No patch notes on the most wanted fix. How comes?

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Well they nerfed all the WD ethereal items, so once again WD gets boned. Awesome… :man_facepalming:t2:

Edit, oh it looks like they also nerfed the only good necro item Soul Harvest. WTH blizzard? What’s the point of the ethereal items if you keep making them suck?