Are there any problems with Win11

Is anyone having any problems running D3 under Win11?

I’m sure someone is, somewhere, and the issue is very likely not the OS but some outdated driver, application, or user configuration.

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I run windows 11 on one of my computers. I’m not having any problems. I run D3 on it here and there. Plus I really never have problems running games on what ever OS out there.

The thing is a lot people run a lot crap on their computers that they really don’t need too. Plus the drivers thing is really not the big problem with games. Like people think it is.

When it come drivers, bios or what ever. I never up date anything other then maybe video drivers. Been doing this to long like 40 yrs. As the saying goes Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broke!!!

Driver and bios updates are for people that are having problems. If you computer is running fine leave well enough alone. When it comes to computers people are their own worse enemies!!!

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No issues on 11 here.

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Thanks for your help, appreciate it.