[Archive] Barbarian Greater Rift Clear Videos


Thanks. I added it to the OP.

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Sure, just need to get a saxtris spawn now :smiley:


Storm clearing 121 with Mote 6 Istvans slam used with Crimsons at sbout 2100 paragon.*Edit: looks like the video is not complete but just a demo about its play. He cleared 121 though. With 2100 paragon and 120 gems


Hey, Pro. I think this was just a demo to educate the forum, not an actual clear. I’ll look forward to seeing his 122 though!


Ah yes it looks like it, but still good.


Vile charge
GR tier: 133
Highest known/rumored :133
Player: Darkpatator

Actually terrible rift,but just illustrate how strong is FoT xD



Added Arc to my dnb spotify playlist too lol


Hi all, Luciocandido is back, ggs to all.


Lol bug pack for 132? Season already did 134 with bug pack and half the paragon.

That clear sucks and is very underwhelming, bugs aside it’d be Rank 5 world (two bug pack season clears with 134/133, EU 133, China 132 in a faster time). DarkPatator’s gameplay is much more impressive than any bug with R6 which is the stronger build.

Raekor doesn’t need game bugs to clear 132 or 133. Maybe with some more game bugs you can climb higher. :joy:


Here is Arch’s 128 with SS
128 SS clear


I know that Guy closes 134. I know my barb dont need bugged pack, but im not pushing. Where are u on game Noob? Stop playing?

Whit charge build i try fews 131, open good progression but dont spam Boss whit good pylon.


Fishing for a game bug is the same as pushing, just way less impressive because the clear is a bug, not you, the player.

Not sure why anyone would record themselves abusing a game bug and then posting a video about it.

Maybe other Barbs don’t need bugged elites to clear, but it looks like you do, hence the video.


When seasonal people posted 133 and 134 videos showing the same bug (which they fished for specifically like you) no one was impressed. Same sitation here, there’s no gameplay.

I’m not sure what you expected. Videos like these are demonstrations of a game bug, not a GR close.


Acho completamente desnecessário de sua parte vir aqui com esse tipo de comportamento. Uma pena que da sua parte não houve consideração a mim, pois eu não teria feito isso caso fosse o contrário. Não dirija a palavra a mim, pois a partir de hoje o excluirei daqui.


I am not sure what that means but at any rate, color me unimpressed. Here’s more bug pack in action. Atleast this 134 is impressive because it’s very low paragon and done in season, but still just a bug nonetheless. :woman_shrugging:

You can’t post bug videos then act upset when people tell you it’s a bug and nothing more.


With flavor i dont think hota is the strongest build anymore ,technically can play 8elite cond on silver spire ,and get 2min speed 1min power on a boss. Already spawned 8min choker on 135, and it wasnt even spire/wood/battlefield


Hi Dark, i will try more whit IK+RK+flavor to test. On 131 i open 4 minutes, but dont spam a good boss and pylon. I go to 133 to test.

Its a dream, heheheheh.


Bug pack or no, it’s still a good clear. I think a little more leeway is in order. Sure, the bug pack can be seen as an exploit, but so can wall-charging. When all is said and done, one still has to play the build accordingly, minimize deaths, sync cycles, and identify opportunities. We can disagree, but I don’t think we need to disrespect each other over clear videos.

As for whether Vile Charge has overtaken R6 HOTA, I look forward to the 135 clears that prove it! Good luck on the pushes, y’all!

I’ll try to get the OP updated this week!


I disagree and think bug pack clears shouldn’t be posted. I would even go as far as to argue against R6 hota as well but that would most likely fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?). I don’t think it is disrespectful to call out using exploits for a clear. To each their own though.


I have to agree with Free. I am not a fan of the bug pack or wall charging which is why I don’t do either but to each their own. But I don’t see how wall charging can be acceptable and not a bug pack.


My friend free, unfortunately sometimes some people make unnecessary comments, but patience, each one speaks what he wants. Particularly I don’t waste my time arguing anymore, I just stop referring to the person and that’s it, life that goes on.