Arachyr impossible to kill Skandiel or Hamelin

So what… After going through the sequence several times, you begin executing it without thinking about it.

Many other builds have damage windows they must line up which requires paying attention. Look at the Innas Fire Mystic Ally build. Again, once you go through the sequence several times, you begin executing it without thinking much about it.

If you want ez mode, play spin2win WhirlRend Barb or GoD DH. There’s nothing wrong with ez mode, it’s perfectly fine if you want to play that way.

Don’t waste your time answering Blablata , he is a troll


nice sock puppet alt account lol

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The Rank 2 4-man team in the world features a WD, and so do the teams at ranks 6, 7, 11, 13, 23 and 24. Yes, 7 of the world’s top 25 clears have a WD in the squad. Are you saying all these squads are losers, despite them being in the top 25 teams in the world?


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You could be in the world’s Rank 2 4-man squad.

Seven of the world’s top 25 4-man clears include a WD.
Are those WD players suffering and losing?

Do you? Apparently, despite your highest kill count hero being a WD, and your most played time class being a WD, you don’t realise that WDs can be in world class 4-man squads.

That Rank 2 4-man GR150 clearance, with a WD in the team, cleared it in 2 minutes 47 seconds. That sounds pretty powerful to me, especially when Rank 1 was only around 1.65 seconds faster.

And yet it’s in a team that clears GR150 in 2 minutes 47 seconds.

Please explain all those groups with WD in them doing GR150s.

Literally so bad that they’re doing 4-man GR150s in under 3 minutes.

Objective data shows that a well-played WD can feature in world class 4-mans.

Maybe instead you should be watching these GR150 clears and learn how to play WD.

At this point that’s more likely than you knowing how to play WD, it seems.


Why are you even posting in this thread acting like you know what you’re talking about. You have owned this game for a decade and have only played witchdoctor for about 1 hour total. Ten years and you play 1 hour and think you have a masters degree in witchdoctor. You literally have no witchdoctor knowledge at all. AT ALL.

You are not one of us. You are a Spin2Win barb, NOT EVEN A REAL BARB, telling US how the game works. Stop trolling, fraud.

Edit: omg it’s even more embarrassing. Your 1 time playing witchdoctor in the entire last decade was to make a level 31 puzzle ring vendor mule. You’ve never even been over level 31 on witchdoctor.

You’re absolutely correct that I haven’t played WD much. However, you clearly have and, despite that disparity in time playing the class, I’m the one proving that WDs can be part of world class 4-man groups, despite you saying only losers would play one. Apparently I can learn more in a much shorter time.

Season 10, with a level 70 WD…

Season 17, with a level 70 WD…

Season 24, with a level 68 WD… (before changing to the level 6 vault method for ethereals)

Completing Act IV, Inferno on all five classes…

Specifically, on a WD…

Having a level 70 WD back in 2016…

Anything else you’d like to try and use to deflect from you being proved objectively wrong about whether WDs can be worthwhile in groups when I’ve literally shown you that they can be in world class teams?

what else are you going to pretend you know everything about, Meteorfraud?

Claims this…

Then posts this…

…proving that I’ve had a level 70 Witch Doctor. Outstanding.


I have 1% of my play time on WD.
You have 22% of your play time on WD.

You claimed only losers would play a WD.
I showed that world class 4-man teams are using WDs.

It seems I learned more about WDs in my 1% than you did in your 22%.

You have been shown to be objectively wrong about Witch Doctors by someone that hardly ever plays one. It must be embarrassing for you, as it’s your most played class and should be the class you know most about, but how is anything I’ve said fraud? What have I claimed in this thread that I haven’t backed up with facts, evidence and screenshots?

You literally said only losers would play WD and I’ve shown world class teams use them.

I’m not claiming to know everything about WD, as I clearly don’t. I’m just showing you know even less than I do, despite playing them 22 times as much as I have.


i think what we’ve thoroughly discovered here is that you like to talk about game mechanics a lot, yet you have barely experienced the game outside of Whirlwind babr. Nobody in their right mind would ever take advice from someone with almost Zero experience in 90% of the game.

Another great blablata trolling thread


Yep. Avoid answering the question and try to divert with an accusation.
Remind me, please, how this is relevant to the Topic?


It’s relevant that 7 of the top 25 4-man clearances in the world had Witch Doctors in them because that would suggest they’re not as terrible as some people would suggest. Of course, they were the trash clearers, not the RGK, so when they’re solo they still have problems with Guardians with adds with this build, but that’s an issue for most pet builds, not just the WD one.

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Talking into the mirror again are we?

I’ve taken Meteor’s advice on the game a couple of times and it’s proven out to be quite helpful.

As I am happy to take any good advice, I would take yours as well, if you EVER offered any. As it stands my man, you don’t offer helpful advice, you just insult people who don’t see the game the way you do.

Sorry all, I meant to stop replying to Brav but…I think I like the attention.

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and yet in another post you claim

And here you are telling someone that they can’t have fun and do things your way so why are you here complaining about people sitting here and telling you how to have fun and yet you tell some other person he isn’t allowed to have his own fun playing a WD


His arrogance does not allow him to think clearly, or remember what he wrote in other posts. That’s why it seems he has schizophrenia.

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Nope, more like Narcissistic Megalomania, or just having some fun stirring up trouble and enjoying the results. No real life repercussions.


Short excerpt from Wudijo’s solo Arachyr GR150 attempts…

But, remember, WD is a terrible class, that no-one plays, that can’t solo anything, and won’t be in groups… according to Bravata.

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I will say for myself up until the recent challenge rift I did not and do not find the WD fun to play…I still recognize that others may have a differing opinion.

What I would like to know from the OP is how he defines “winning”
Being at the top of your leaderboard for your chosen class?
Having the best overall time of any class?

Or is the arena still active and your class dominates there?