Anyone tried Norvalds + condemn PTR?

Thinking it could be really fun for farming, maybe even pushing. Not sure what the highest condemn clear is, but if my math is right, new norvalds + extra cube slot would add around 6 GR’s.

Old version was cubing Blade of Prophecy (or The Furnace, wear one, cube the other), Illusory Boots and Unity or CoE.

New version would be equipping Norvalds, so Cube would be Blade of Prophecy, Illusory Boots, Unity or Coe, and Frydehr’s Wrath.

Losing The Furnace in exchange for Norvald’s would be fine but what ability from the standard Akkan/Condemn build are you intending to drop to fit in Steed Charge? Laws of Valor, I guess?

Just spitballing, but I’m thinking something like this:

5 pieces Akkhan
2 pieces Crimson
2 pieces Aughild

Cube: BoP, illusive/SG, RorG, Frydehr’s

Iron skin
Steed charge

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It should work decently. Like a 7GR gain over Furnace.


Nice video. Looks like they’re both viable for speeds. I think more test runs would be needed to say anything definitively about one over the other.

And I agree, I hope the 4th cube slot becomes permanent as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you for checking it out! Just happy to see Condemn wiggle its way back. More to come! I do believe FoH will always be ahead due to it’s multipliers–but yay! CONDEMN!!!