Anyone still use this Forum

Where my HC people at? I see Sherwin still making his posts but other than that this forum been dead for awhile.

So after taking a break from D3 I’ve honestly had a lot of fun this season. There’s still a lot of builds I want to play but doubt I will attempt this season. Gives me a reason to play in the future I suppose.

So within two weeks I have done GR 100 + with 3 classes. Feels good although GR 100 a joke compared to a couple years ago. But it’s been fun powering through rifts with new & old builds.

Started a sader this season for the 2nd time in my D3 days. Honestly not a huge fan of Invoker… just don’t really like that play style. I died 10 hours in so pretty much shortly after getting my stuff steup haha… So that kinda sucked. Luckily had some friends and guildmates strong enough to run me through some rifts so I could get the valor fist of heavens build setup. That was fun for a bit although stressful in HC. Landed #8 on the boards like day 5 of season lol still in the top 30 I think… just no one playing Sader this season HC side for whatever reason. Sader died pushing a GR 102 though so… haven’t gone back to the set lol. Think I have most the gear I need just no gems or desire to play that build over my DH & Barb.

But yea moved onto DH and the new GoD Hungering Arrow set/build since I main DH and it looked strong & fun. Honestly I love playing it and my DH been popping off. Also a plus that its a very HC friendly build. Did a solo GR 114 last night with some time to spare hoping to push farther in the future.

Also got a WW barb setup and had some fun just chilling grinding rifts on it. Happy to see WW barb strong again and can push content and isn’t glass cannon. Definitely a fun build to just grind rifts and listen to music or watch shows to.

So yea I have had fun. Sadly my buddies already getting bored and a lot of died so think they pretty much done. Not sure how much longer I will stick around this season but happy to be back!

you should join a clan in HC mode. there are literally hundreds of active clans in game crushing HC and they’ll fold you right in. Forums on blizzard are usually not representative of a community given how hostile the boards can be.

Hardcore forum is dead, it deeds of valor will be remembered


Well my demon hunter dead guess that’s the end of my season lol. Still don’t know how I died… was so weird. So was having a competition with a couple other DH players in the clan I am in on who could do the highest clan GR. Two of them started off hot and did grs 115 & 116. I got a later start on my DH so I was slowly planning on catching them but knew it would take a bit. Well I guess they died awhile ago and my DH was up and running fairly well. I ended up doing a 117 and was happy to be back on top of the clan (although its more of a casual HC clan not a lot of super high GR pushers). Then I login like two days later and there’s a new DH I didn’t know in the clan who did a 118 and had full ancients and augments. Even though I knew I couldn’t beat his time I knew I had gotten stronger since my 117 and figured I could at least tie his 118 clear.

So tried a few rifts and kept getting way behind almost died a couple times. Took out a couple emearlds and put some diamonds in and that seemed to do the trick. So on my last run I got a nice large map to start. I was literally fighting 4-5 elite packs at once with a bunch of mobs around and never proc’d. Eventually got to level 2 and was doing ok although was a crappy map so was trying to get through it… again never proc’d. Then at 96% i’m getting kinda close on time I get to new map and there’s a few normal mobs at the front. Somehow one proc’s me like instantly … which freaked me out but the DH GoD build is ranged, easy to play, and tanky so figured I was fine to stay in rift if I stayed my distance and slowly tried to get the last 4%. Figured I might need to fight the RG a bit with no passive but only for a short period.

Well I am fighthing this normal mobs and again doing my thing and all of a sudden my DH just falls over dead… Still unsure how it died. I was kinda shocked and sad, but I knew the risks. Maybe reflect damage? Although it wasn’t those spinning dudes. I thought the mobs I was fighting were all melee and didn’t see one hit me.

/shrug. Ah well was a fun two weeks looking forward to playing another season in the future!