Anyone pre-buy d4 for console to beta play this weekend?

I’m guessing most people that pre-bought d4 did so for PC, but i was wondering if anyone did it for console?

Next weekend when its “open” beta, I’m gonna be on my ps5 to at least see if my pc characters from this weekend show up (since its tied to your battlenet tag), when I was in closed beta last year I was able to switch between pc and ps5 with my characters available form either system (aka create a ps5 guy, load on my pc and progress on my pc and load the character back on my ps5)…

I did…downloading beta just now on PS5. Watched a few streamers this week on Twitch who had early early access and it looks good.

I’ll be streaming my experience on YouTube (homerjnick).

fun! Ya its pretty good with the ps5, looks very good (almost as good as my custom gamer pc i built myself) its a decent ddr5 ram/3080 card/g-sync samsung wide screen monitor. I like the ps5 being connected to my LG oled 55 inch tv but aside from the 2 systems the graphics/game play are very close

whats your streamer link? I might want to watch if you are drinking, nothing like hearing a drunken irish man having fun! hah

I did for ps4 and will be streaming all weekend. 25 min left :slight_smile: