Anyone on console able to access the beta?

40 min since it was supposedly launched and in still getting the “You’re too early” message

Yep getting the same thing… load of crap that we prepurchased and overlooked yet again. Great AAA company

Hi! I played for like an hour and got cut off. Now have 111 minutes left in queue :frowning:

Were you on xbox or PC? My question was specific to xbox

It’s unplayable…just keep getting kicked out. If they wanted to test their server infrastructure this was the way but they are pissing off a olt of people.

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  • Open Store
  • Search → Diablo IV Open Beta
  • Install

No need to thank me. I will start losing brain cells if I have to type this even one more time.

On PS5…tried at around 2PM central and got the 45 minute Queue message along with message on right side about the login bottleneck and blizzard was aware.

After about 42 minutes got in to Options and then Character Screen. Then to Character Customization…which did look pretty good. After three attempts at getting a name i finally got the cut-scene and started out…BUT…

…got around the area just looking and the moment I found some shelter…got kicked…and can’t get back in; getting some error code on the screen. Stuck at where you choose characters…so I’m leaving it there and checking on PC Stuff.

By the way, three other friends are experiencing same thing but two haven’t even been able to get. Already several stories out there on this when it started this morning. I doubt we’ll be able to play which is a bummer because i wanted a crack at World Boss and don’t think going in like Level 8-12 would be advisable…

As of 7:30 EST, queue time on PS5 was 132 minutes. Same for Xbox next gen.

Message said to check forums for updates. Staff is working on the queue and hopes for a permanent solution soon.

BTW, that’s why this is a BETA. It will get there. We’re going to be alright, I promise.