Anyone interested for guide how to be prepared for alpha?

I can write small guide for people who will possible have alpha acces but dont have any character or items currently. I can explain how to make some modification to your in game files to get gear and high level characters super fast and then you can transport characters into D2R. I hope it will be possible tho. They said it should be possible to use old saves.

So anyone interested? I am aware that you can probably downloand already made characters but some people do not like download stuff from unknown sources :slight_smile:

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I am interested, though I don’t have access to Alpha yet and we are not 100% sure if Alpha will allow this old save importing.

Are you talking about ATMA or something else?

It is few simple modifications of game files which will allow you to level up instantly and modify drop from quill rat to drops like 7 items and always uniques and sets.

-direct -txt or something else?

-direct -txt takes me some time to understand the detailed math behind loot drop and it is the way how I played offline game (40% unique, 10% set, 50% white for runewords, 5 times experience, better treasure class)

Maybe I am wrong again and you have another way which I don’t know.

Yes exactly, That was my idea :slight_smile: I would make easy manual so anyone can do it :slight_smile: You just need some soft for editing like excel.

Since in the past 21 years there have been no guides out there, I’d like at least 1 guide per skill tree in the game.

For this, I am super interested because I am a math geek. I used to post a lot of math related stuff in other games and in vanilla days of D3.

I would be interested to see what value you set in each txt file and how that achieves.

I don’t know if others are interested in math, but this forum is filled with meaningless argue. We need to talk about game content.

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Yeah, Ok i will try to write it down. Oh I forget about crucial requirement :smiley: You also need Diablo 2 game. but come on, its criminal act not have it already :smiley:

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This is one of those things that is good for the Alpha forums. I did wish I had something like that for the Alpha’s I did when I was younger. Having been on both sides I can say I don’t think this guide should be out on the public side. Maybe make it and send it to VV in exchange for your Alpha ticket.

This information is already available on Diablo Wiki, but I doubt people would look at complicated math. Most people just know what monsters drop what item.

Here is a Wiki page I learned from all sorts of loot drop math of Diablo 2.

I guess you are reminding me this game is 20 years old…I’m used to new game Alpha/Beta where its all kept quiet.

When I am thinking about it if blizzard starts alpha they might have some modifications in place already so people can exp fast for example to try out stuff faster.

because it takes hours to just complete normal if you kill everything.

Agreed. If I get the chance, I will play through normal difficulty once, then start to use modified data to try different interesting things.

Update: No save file importing in Alpha and only first 2 Act.

Well yeah thats for the guide :smiley: I could guess that they wont show everything :slight_smile:

I wonder what you can find in it tho. It looks like its not even full act 2, they talk only about sewers.

You can’t bring saves into Alpha. Alpha is for testing what is available there.