Anyone caught an impossible win vision?

just wondering is anyone experienced an impossible win. my experience was all champions on the iron. I was dead before I even materialized. after spending 10 mill in gold I just gave up and quit the game. Is it a bug? or just more diablo “bad luck”.

Impossible to win? No. I have a build that faceroll the entirety of any Vision in a single go without breaking a sweat. As you climb floors, so does the game difficulty, so you can not risk anything if you want to clear the Vision. Any traditional build at some point would be able to clear it.
You need more overall toughness or defensive items with more damage mitigation against Elite enemies. Be sure you have proper Set bonuses and consider having more defensive skill options instead.

That and your own boldness.


I think your right Im geared for all damage.

A little Defense is always good. Glass Cannon builds are just that. They can shatter


You can’t tell people that. They think this game is only about damage. What is the #1 thing you hear from people. Their say my character is very squishy!!! Yes damages is very important, but toughness is just important too. I tell people you need toughness because if you can’t stay alive you can’t kill.

Well naksiloth just did and scotty received the advice quite well. People are generally open to sound advice.

On the topic. If you follow the standard builds (boring and unimaginative as it may be) they are usually quite well set up with a balance of damage and toughness. And then there are variations suited for the different activities in the game (bounties, echoing nightmares, visions, speed farming and pushing).


Oppressed by a Fond Memory…

I play hardcore only, and so far in 6 Season Journeys, I have died twice in a Vision. The first time was when I went into one before level 20, had insufficient Life regeneration, and no lifesaver. I was too far away from the portal, had to fight my way to it, and died of Necrosis before I could get there. I was level 17.

The second time, on my sixth go round, just the day before yesterday, that hurt a little more.

I went into a Fond Memory (Old Tristram), that was filled with Elite Oppressors. I had a barely functioning Impale build, but it was T15 capable, and that what I went it at.

Half the Oppressors were Wallers, and pretty much as soon as I got in, before I could buff up any defense, I got charged by one, and you know their charges are at light speed. So that popped my Lifesaver, and I headed for the hills. But I got off track and ended up in the corner of that broken down building, where one of them walled me in, and I couldn’t move. So there went my second Lifesaver, and now I’m panicking. I was out of Hatred and Discipline, couldn’t Vault any more, and I’ll be damned if I could find that portal, so there I was, dead.

But I only lost one rank twenty-five Gogok of Swiftness, and my other two gems weren’t even for that build as they hadn’t dropped yet, so the only thing that hurt was the Primal Strongarm Bracers I got on my GR70.

So I leveled up a new one now I’m on my GoD build. Two down and four to go on Dynasty.

Back in the old days, the saying was, “You can’t DPS when you’re dead.”