Any word on lobbys?

Here we go again with the cry babies.

Me no find people to play with because me no make lobby. :laughing:

No, you are just too slow to figure it out. Of course, if you had friends you could just play with them.

  1. LFG’s
  2. Clubs
  3. Discord

Never go full pepega. You can literally do everything with these. Stop spreading ignorance and either play on pc or get a refund. They are not changing anything before launch and spamming the forums making new accounts isn’t going to change anything except make people laugh at your own stupidity.


And here is the clown with multiple accounts spamming the forums like a child. Only one word can describe your behavior… idiocy.


The idiot still thinks we all are the same account. The moron cant read since we have said multiple times we connect via discord. He obviously cant read, spell or write in complete sentences.

You are right though, his behavior and multiple accounts just shows how idiotic and unstable his behavior is.

What more to expect when they cant use their two brain cells to figure out how to group together. It is really laughable watching their insane behavior.


Once for you (fatcat,iconoclast,Linux, funky Pants,omegared,trokul),i am not the most clever Person with creating Accounts got only this one fighting for our rights . I am old and lazy and want never ever something bad for anyone . Not even for you. I have wife and children and want to play after work but with original experience. And maybe my grammar is bad but i stand for the right Things. Maybe think before attacking some people

I am out of All this Discussion , as i said i dont want any bad for anyone good luck for all keep on fighting ,

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You are the child making multiple accounts and posts on here. Your lack of an education also shows how immature you are. Keep complaining until your dreams come true, right?

Such a terrible person and way of thinking. See how far that gets you.

Also, learn what discord is.


Yes there is.


Oh wow look at that. The whiners are still whining even though they are implementing this.


Are you guys at least supporting Keyboard & Mouse on Console? It seems like it would be very easy to add lobby support across all platforms if you do. Especially considering it’s going to be next to impossible to organize trade games, or do basic XP / & late game runs without it.

Anyone who played on PC knew this inside and out, & easily remembers spamming (Trist xx) from levels 1 to 15, Tombs XX, from 15 to 20, doing Ancients at 24 & then Baal 25 to 50 on norm, before getting rushed through Nightmare (and often hell) and doing Chaos runs until 75 when they could start on Hell Baal runs.

I remember literally being in the top 100 during 1.09 & 1.10 on the Assassin Ladders for USWest, only a few positions behind Chosen_Tecstasy who was number 1 for most of it, and Chosen_Rylix who dominated the Amazon ladder.


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Thinking I’m going to get my refund, no lobbies is bullsh!t. Been a Blizzard fan Since D1, Warcraft 2. played all their games expect overwatch and the latest starcrafts. I’m really disappointed. Was originally going to get it on my laptop however its not a great laptop and my IRL brother doesn’t have an pc/laptop. I ordered it on console and convinced my brother and a best friend to get it. They will probably also go for the refund.


did you not read the update above? you’ll be able to group up with others doing similar to what you are doing?

Blizzard also clarified its reasoning for [removing TCP/IP support], a feature present in the original version of Diablo II. The feature was removed due to it “enabling significant security-related issues” in the game.

“We’re aware that removing this feature adds a large hurdle for talented multiplayer modders in our community,” Blizzard wrote. “Still, our priority is to keep this game’s ecosystem as secure as possible for all of our players.”

Additional changes will be coming to console lobbies in the full version of the game, allowing players to more easily group with other players based on different activities. Despite player requests, Blizzard states console versions of Diablo II: Resurrected will not include the ability to create custom lobbies, though it will “monitor feedback on this topic” following the game’s launch.

Diablo II: Resurrected will support cross-progression across all platforms when it releases September 23, and is available for [preorder] now. The game will release as Blizzard continues to deal with the fallout from a [state of California lawsuit]) alleging the company has a pattern of harassment and discrimination towards women. [Diablo IV], which recently [lost its game director], is currently in development and does not have a release date.


Its literally a handful of people of who are upset with all their fake accounts. Let them. Not missing much by them going away. Besides based on their spamming behavior I wouldn’t want to group with them since they are struggling with basic console features and now blizzard at least made it a little easier.

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Theoden, making alt accounts isn’t helping your case.

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They don’t care. They are having a tantrum. Even if lobbies were in the game, they would find something else to complain about. It is in their nature. It is sad some people are like in this world where they only focus on the bad things rather than the good and don’t look for a solution, even when one is right there. The complainers assume people will not be able to group up and that simply isn’t true regardless of what they think. My friends played in a full group during beta, but even still if someone has no friends, there will be trading groups/clubs and groups/clubs specifically for leveling (xbox clubs - tens of thousands of members or more).

With the way consoles has worked for grouping like on D3, I don’t believe these people who claim they own a console to have even played and understand how the grouping system works. People always do a LFG if they need someone for bounties, 4 man, etc. Or go to friend list.

There are discord and facebook pages already made for D2 trading. It will make trading easier since you don’t need to make a trade game at all until someone messages you and you can keep mfing until they are ready for trade. You can make a trade game online but you might be sitting there for a minute, so I prefer to post my items and have a seller look and message me. It is more efficient this way than making a lobby and waiting especially if I am doing pindle/shenk runs where the lobby would last less than a minute. Again, these players can’t and refuse to look for a solution but would rather complain to complain.

Thanks Project Diablo 2.


So let’s just take lobbies away from PC then. If they are not needed and discord is great. They said It’s the same game on all platforms, same cost for everyone. * acts.

Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.

So just give PC players no chat or lobbies. According to you that’s just fine.


Sure, it wont hurt them. They all know how to communicate. Many of D3 players use discord. In fact, most D2 players use discord, so not really seeing your point.

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Yeah no thanks. I’m not joining LFG’s, Clubs or Discords so I can add a new player to my friends list every 20mins.
going this route is the exact reason they will never fix it. enjoy the game it’s completely broken and your logic to work around it is a pathetic waste of time.
I would love to play on PC,
I am not willing to buy a new computer to play a 20 year old game so I can use lobbies. I’d much rather just not give in to Blizzard for this incomplete game


Your loss. If you think people are going to leaving that soon, you are sadly mistaken. You are wasting your time when there is a easy solution but you are being unreasonable and and ones spamming the forums are insane since they continue to post the same dribble expecting a different result. Nope.

That’s sad if you dont own a pc. Most people have them and even not super powerful ones that will run it. Either way your complaining is going on deaf ears to Blizzard. There is a solution to ‘your issue’ but you refuse to accept it and are being stubborn. I’m sorry you cannot cope with that. Good luck.


Maybe you never played original D2. but this isn’t it and I don’t see the point in playing if I have to go through a 3rd party to play the game properly.
It’s not all about graphics. why play a game that isn’t complete? I own and still have ti installed on my PC might as well just play that.
after 1000’s of D2 hours throughout my life I can say Im not missing much.
This is the type of game I could easily sink another 1000 hours into but not in this current state.


Cleary, you never played D2, otherwise you’d know how the game mechanics work. Instead you are acting like a spoiled brat and because you are unhappy, you are spamming the forums, like a child would who is having a tantrum. You are also trying to troll which isn’t allowed. Your actions prove you are a child. Bravo.

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yeah whatever ya say buddy. prob never even played the game before the expansion was released. you literally have no clue.
If you dont like me posting my feedback then go find a mod and report me. but considering I was told to come here and do this. you might be sadly disappointed