Any one found the primal drop rate got even lower?

I have come back to d3 since 2017 when bliz brought up the necro and primals. I played consistently 2-3 hours per day but noticed primal drop got less an less season after season. I don’t know how to let the bliz hear players’ in 35+years old group’s voice heard. This game is repelling players who want to collect useful primals!

there has always been a 1-400 chance to find a primal ancient legendary. Ancient’s are 1-10 and honestly are usually better than any primal you’re going to find. Primals just look cool tbh don’t try to find them. Instead try to find a really nice ancient as your odds of finding one are 40x more in your favor

The RNG has been streaky for me… I got Angelic Crucibles in 4 out of 5 rifts then didn’t see another for 10+. Primals have come in clumps as well. Of course that’s not how it’s coded, we just notice patterns even when there aren’t any. On the other hand I’ve actually gotten some stellar primals. On the EU server I just pulled excellent primal DMO boots: Int, Vit, Resist All, Speed.

Nope, if anything, for this season, it has been higher for me as I have found three already and I usually only get the one automatic.