Any news on D3 S28 PTR?

Gut feeling says blog post this week, ptr next week.

Actually, the title of the thread is: Any news on D3 S28 PTR.

In the OP they say:

If you include this, do us all a favor and enclose your wall-of-text in triple tilde signs. Like this:

Your Chart Here.

And, if you don’t, please enclose your wall-of-text in triple tilde signs.

Thank you.

I hope you were on the clock when writing this novel lol

Of course! In my other job, I’m taking the bets.

On one hand kudos to your patience, (or boredom) on the other hand kudos to the rest for ALL the scrolling.

Made laugh :wink:

@Perusoe I had to test it

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Sorry my memory is limited when drunk

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It’d be nice if Blizzard actually communicated something. If not yet the PTR notes themselves, at least some heads up of when to expect them and/or what to expect in the upcoming patch.

Considering how long the S27 has been going they better be delivering something big.


Definitely not gonna happen.

the definition of “big” is different between players & blizzard.
just like the definition of “coming soon”

I was under the impression on another post somewhere that it was looking like some time in February. Do not quote me on it but it seems to be a fairly common opinion.

If you’re talking about the PTR, then you must be mistaken. The common opinion is that S27 ends in February. That doesn’t mean the PTR takes place in February too.

They’d just say info comes soon…

But yeah, i’d like some usefull info as well. Even not set in stone info like date of ptr.

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I don’t think so because in the last interview I saw, they were talking about how they were working on the next D3 season.

Correct like I told him 2 days ago. :point_down:


Well then it will be after February then and I am happy to be mistaken because without an official notification, everyone is mistaken and it is guesswork. :slight_smile:

The post above referring to the D4 livestream as mentioned above is as close to a notification so far.

It is all speculation no one on this forum has any inside scoop.

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More patience required.

What comes after February, the PTR? Nope, that’s not how it works.

The S27 will end on February 5th at earliest, possibly on the 12th. The PTR for S28 will happen while S27 is still live.

Some of us have been here since Vanilla. The season has generally started within two weeks post the PTR. That is exactly how it works. One season if you were here, was nearly four weeks after.

To repeat, until there is an official notification, you are guessing.