Angels get one shot by RG

Angels get one shot by RG, is this intended?

They are really squishy.

It’ll be more fun if Angels can’t be targeted or killed for the duration of their spawn.

I’d do a hot fix for this.

What does devs team think?

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The Angels were 1 shotting RGs on GR150 and needed to be dialed back.

Yes. Angels should die to the RG. If untouched, they can also produce massive damage.


Erm, I’ve seen them fail to even kill trash mobs and they seem pretty ineffective against guardians altogether.


Most of the time they seem to die as soon as they hit the ground in anything past 100. Seems like most of the time you’d be better off resetting ASAP after 400.


What you’ve “seen” is irrelevant. Obviously they know how much health an enemy has and how much damage the angels do. If the Angels died before they got some attacks off then obviously it’s very likely that they didn’t kill the trash.

They have the potential to do massive damage if left unchecked, does that make you feel better?

I’ve had guardians with adds, where the angels were hitting the adds, and didn’t manage to kill a single add before I killed the boss. They’re hitting like a wet noodle.


Says you, but let’s review the facts:

This isn’t the average forum troll. This is the Game Producer. He knows what the numbers are. Without video proof that the Angels are lasting long enough to attack, you really don’t have a leg to stand on.

Can’t 1-shot RG != Wet Noodle.

I said they can’t kill trash mobs / adds, not the Guardian.

Trash Mob != Guardian


Doesn’t matter what you said. Let’s see the proof. You show me Angels attacking something for a good 10 seconds and not doing damage. Like I said, it’s more than likely they’re spawning, getting 1-shot themselves and that’s all she wrote.

This has nothing to do with the potential damage that they could deal had they survived longer.

Proof or it didn’t happen…

At 9 minutes 36 seconds, the Guardian spawns.
At 9 minutes 37 seconds, the Guardian is dead.


And just in case what Meteorblade posted isn’t enough for you, it was even addressed by the devs as an unintended effect and rectified before the season went live.

  • 500 Kills: Angels descend upon the battlefield to fight for your cause
    • Angels should no longer one-shot Rift Guardians.

If you somehow manage to have all angels alive at the RG, they need like 20 seconds to kill it (any GR I played - done 121 solo so far).

But they are not OP as back on PTR.

Interesting, this is different form my experience… but if so I guess you don’t need to care whether they die to RG, because almost no damage would be done by them.

I hope this is not the only change to prevent angel killing RG too soon, because as you may know that boss can still be controlled not to deal any damage for 10+ seconds, even in solo.

That’s precisely the point, i.e. the damage caused by the 500 killstreak effect (angels) does less damage than the 400 killstreak effect (rain of meteors) or even the 150 killstreak effect (geysers).

Another example of overtuned on PTR, overnerfed on live.


Nerf bat hit the angels a bit too hard I think as well. As others have said if the best strategy is to reset your kill streak after 400 (or maybe even before?) then the bonuses after said reset point need to be buffed.

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so what you’re saying is, you need to keep the angels in the outfield.

This was what I was afraid of when people started complaining that the Angels were too strong. Now they’re crap.