Angelic Crucibles

Do you have to be in Seasonal mode to find any of the Angelic Crucubles? Or can you play one of your normal lvl 70 PTR characters?

Wondering the same thing.

You must be on a seasonal character to use them.

its to find them not use them, I haven’t found any naturally playing on the seasonal ptr.

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I’ve cleared dozens of GR’s in HC Seasonal play all the way up to GR104 and still haven’t seen a single Angelic Crucible drop. Tons from D’jank Meme but none in actual game play.

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Since it’s a sesonal only theme, yes you must have a sesonal character.

Me either. none at all.

No drops yet either, seems to be set way too low droprate.

Hopefully this is the inverse of S26 and the drop rate will be better in the release than the PTR.

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They might have forgotten to add them to the loot table. But having said that, i’ve only had 1 primal since hitting 70 and that was from a craft… so i wouldn’t expect to see the seasonal item yet based on S26 drop rates.

I’ve had one drop from the RG. So they do drop but I think they might be a tad too rare regardless.

I would say more than a tad. So far you are the only person I have heard as finding one and if the drop rate is this bad on PTR it would be ridiculous on Live.

Well, there’s another:

Not the best screenshot but the white beam is there.

But yeah, the drop rate is too low.

Still seen zero so far.

Still seen zero. Done multiple events up to about 125-135, multiple GRs all the way up to 125. Not a single one has dropped. I have seen about 15 primals and have about 700 of the things in my bank from the ptr vendor though.

I finally gotten a couple to drop but as the old expression goes they’re rarer than hen’s teeth. And especially with them being borked and not creating primals. Has anyone heard a peep from Blizzard about that? You think the seasonal theme being completely broken and reported by numerous people would get SOME response after a day or two.

Pretty sure I’ve still only seen them from bags.
The fact that they don’t roll ancient is pretty saddening… I literally had to roll about 40 times to get an ancient version of an item with the correct buff.
With them being as rare as rocking horse poop, and the fact that these are ONLY applicable to level 70 items, the season is going to be a bust.

Not only does the season leveling experience have absolutely no benefit over any other season, but the chances that you’ll get one of these, that it’ll be the affix you want, and that it’ll be a maxed out “Ancient” before you finish the season, is pretty low at the moment.

They need to massively change that.

Im on a mac and i cant get crucibles anywhere in the PTR. Fortune Bags dont have them and rifts dont have them - sucks

Are you sure you’re playing seasonal? I just tested on a mac, and they do come out of the bags there.

They do if you buy them on a seaonal hero.
They do not if you buy them on a non-seasonal hero.

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