Ancient Dystopian Goggles Properties

If you had an Ancient Dystopian Goggles with the following properties:

878 Dex
892 Vit
+15% Life

Would you reroll the +% Life to +6% CHC or +15% Strafe?

Strafe damage does nothing for primary skill damage. You should get Critical Hit Chance.

Don’t roll strafe, it is not damage dealer.

Wut? I understood that Strafe fires your last-used Primary skill, and that multipliers to Strafe damage also multiplied the damage of the Primary. Have I been misunderstanding that this whole time?

No, strafe multipliers don’t apply.

Alright. Well, can you check me and see if I got this build right? Thanks.

Due to recent change on diablo3 website, I can’t see your profile because I’m not in the same region as yours. :frowning_face:

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That’s a daft change. When the player base is shrinking, why drive a wedge between the regions? ARGH!

Edit: we can still import into D3planner. I put in Stone#13352, US region. Assume it’s DeMonica?

Edit 2: the obvious thing is your Dawn only has 55% Vengeance cdr. That’s rather low and will be affecting your survivability. That should allow you to move to the standard F&R rings with FoT with Elusive cubed if you’re not feeling robust enough just yet.

I eventually view your profile via d3planner. DeMonica, right?
Few comments:

  • low cooldown reduction on Dawn. You have 4.8s vengeance downtime. Find a better one.
  • Vault don’t quite fit the build, imo. I’d use Boar companion to increase toughness, especially you are playing HC.
  • EW set isn’t the best choice. As you keep moving all the time, EW provides DR only. Unity is a better choice (in solo), because it uses one slot only.
  • Steady Aim is better than Ambush because Ambush gives only 10% dmg in average. Or, Single Out helps you deal with elite/boss.
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I agree. There are only a few seconds when my toughness is at a low of about 830M, but most of the time it’s between 2 and 3.2 Billion. I can run right through Elites at GR105 and take no damage, but at 1.6M, my damage seems low, and kill speed at 105 is sluggish.

Naturally, playing hardcore, I cannot take any risk to trade survivability for damage…

But I’ll try to implement some of the suggestions you guys have made. Thanks!

(Geez…on one of my other characters I have +207% Strafe damage…pffft!)

sure you can. there is no agreed upon threshold of toughness you need. by your own logic, you should run skele king shoulders instead of coe, yet you dont. a few seconds of taking 100% damage is massive, especially with all of the burst dmg players take in game. losing 3 seconds is ~16% of the time, at 50% dmg reduc, thats 8% more toughness you could have.

adding f/r just takes a little practice to continue avoiding damage, and in hc, skipping things like spinners and arcane/electric in bad spots.