Americas Challenge Rift 348--Aargh!

Okay, monk Patterns of Justice set–all runes for Sweeping Wind–and the build didn’t even have Sweeping Wind chosen as a skill? Really?

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It’s a troll, always has been.

And after 347 previous terrible builds using wrong skills, wrong main stat, no defense, no mobility, clunky two button spam-fest, you are surprised?


The CR is funny on EU servers, Monk with DH items

Yeah, I did the EU CR also. More a.) ineptitude, b.) incompetence, c.) stupidity, d.) all of the above. The correct answer is d. (And this would be true for just about any and every Challenged Rift.) :grimacing:

Who, me? :innocent:

Not at all.

Happy hunting, Nephalem.

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I think they meant Challenge Rift 348 is a “troll”. (At least, that’s how I took it).

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Some people have deluuuuded minds though ha. It must be the hair, yes that’s it. Monk is my 2nd best character.

No, the challenge rifts. The developers are trolling.


Even though I agree CR’s are very often “bad” builds thrown together, I didn’t have any problem clearing this weeks NA and EU CR’s on the first try. And no, I didn’t look up any guides.
I very often remove skills from the bar “that have no place” in the set-up, just to not mistakenly press them though while running the CR(s).


Even the Asia server one was an easy one! :slight_smile:

Last (no power creep!) season I made a DH just with yellow pieces, kinda hoping to raise some flag to select the build for a Challenge Rift. But was not successful enough with getting a Grift that I could do under 7 minutes - which seems to be the maximum time Blizzard “allows” for one. Always slightly over it. But yes, I do that too.

And gonna try something funny again this season, just not sure what; after I finally - after more than fifty tries as of now - get some Remnant of Pain with cold damage increased AND chance to freeze with cold damage. On the Asia server it just took 3 of that soul shard, on the European server it took a bit, but was still under 100 Paragon; on the Americas sever I am already over 1400 Paragon and still no luck. Even though still in the top 100 with a GR134 done…

Maybe a weapon and a helmet only build? Or a ridiculously “wrong” build with wrong gems? Or a followers build based on Asheara’s Guard? Or a DH thorns build? Or, or, or… :wink:


Likewise on both counts, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were once again ridiculous demonstrations of

Please don’t give 'em any more bad ideas–they come up with plenty enough of 'em as it is!

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Make sure to roll the main stat on your items to that of ones that don’t give power to your class.
Another good idea is to use items in the cube that your character is wearing.
And never, never, never, ever use a cheat death passive or have any gear or skills that provide damage mitigation.

If you are going for broke, make a build with a follower wearing only a unity ring and the character wearing a unity ring. Now that would be fun.


Damn! You’re gettin’ seriously sadistic here!


I haven’t lied by the way. Nor was i sacked.

I gave it a few guys and said F it. Not gonna waste my time with such a crappy CR. Not desperate for the mats.

edit: has probably been the worst CR I have seen yet. NA CR I am referring to btw.

Or NONE at all.  

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