Ambo's Pride Rend only once per second?

I need a confirmation on how Ambo’s Pride works. It says that Rend does its whole damage over 1 second and also that Whirwind’s damage applies rend.

Does it mean that no matter how many times I strike an enemy over one second, only one Rend can do its damage?

If this is true, there is no point in stacking attack speed.

see this post and head to the mechanics section

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This is so discouraging… I run Gogok for dodge and cr but that useless attack speed…

I would rather have Rend doing less damage but doing it instantly instead of over one second.

If you read the guide it would tell you that AS does nothing for this WW build. Check it out, you will learn a lot.

Why? This is what players do - they figure out how things work and then make adjustments based on that.

Instead of being discouraged that your way doesn’t work as well as you think it should, you would be better off using your new knowledge to improve your build.

Rend usually doesn’t benefit from attack speed. Lamentation belt allows 2 rends to stack so you will have 2 rends per sec. And with bloodbath rune that will allow another 2 rends to be stacked for a total of 4 per sec.

It’s a bad design because you have to stop for your hard-cast Rends to do their damage before you can start to Whirlwind again, so you don’t overwrite your hard-cast Rends, and there go your Taeguk stacks.

It’s all over Fury Warrior again from WoW Legion, when you forcefully had to build up Rage up to 100 to get buff (when usually after your full rotation, you ended up with 97-99 Rage). But you had to cast that extra, unnecessary filler again. It was so discouraging and exhausting to play that they came up with golden idea and raised up Rage needed for certain skill from 85 to 95. Now playing Fury Warrior is so smooth that you never want to stop.

What I meant is that Blizzard can come up with some out of the box ideas that really solve the problem and I believe they could come up with a good solution for this as well.

Yes this is exactly what it means. Attack speed doesn’t affect your Damage output as you can only have 1 Rend going each second. Lamentation allows for 2 thou.

So since Whirlwind attacks at 3 times your ApS you don’t really need attack speed to apply those Rends. However the Fury cost of Whirlwind is 10*ApS. So higher attack speed means greater Fury consumption for healing due to Life Per Fury spent. Also Zodiac procs of your Whirlwind hits, so the more it hits, the faster you can reset skills. So it’s not entirely wasted.

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Hey there, Zenturion. I’m the author of the Zodiac Rend guide over in the Barb forum, and I want to address your comment. We don’t stop spinning to wait for hard-cast Rends to expire. When we hard-cast Rend, we’re only doing it to proc Area Damage (which is a lot of damage). As soon as you hard-cast Rend, you proc AD, and can go back to spinning.

Our hard-cast Rends and the Rends applied by Ambo’s do the same amount of damage, but only hard-cast Rends proc AD. You don’t need to be concerned about overwriting one or the other, and you should never drop Taeguk if you’re playing the build properly.

The build guide addresses this in detail. Please give it a read and it will answer all your questions.