Altar as part of the seasonal journey objectives

When the altar becomes permanent, would you like to see the “finish a set dungeon” objective in Slayer replaced with “unlock 7 altar nodes”? (Or some other reasonable number to unlock)

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Anyone can complete a set dungeon the difficult one for some people was mastering a set dungeon which they have already removed. Don’t be surprised if they remove the SoH from the altar with all the complaining on the forum about not finding the gem stone.

Never understood the hate for the set dungeons. Are they fun? Not really, but it’s 5 mins per season you have to spend in there. Takes significantly less time than getting 7 nodes in any case.


Yes this is true.

True but consider the seasons where we have the 5th class set as Haedrig’s gift and having to hunt one of the other 4 sets that do have set dungeons. It’s more than 5 min of work still.

My biggest gripe with the set dungeon objectives what how unaligned the objectives were with the rest of the gaming experience. I’d much prefer an objective that aligns with what players actually will want to do to progress.

Of course, they could reward us with a ramaladni’s gift and petrified scream for the “complete a set dungeon” objective to make it more compelling to do.

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Not of dedicated work. So far I have never completed the season journey without having at least most sets for one class complete. While you have to complete all the steps in the journey for the reward, you don’t have to do them in order.

Well, there’s plenty of steps in the journey that are things you likely wouldn’t do if the journey didn’t force it.


Or you know… the reward is completing the season journey. :man_facepalming:

If you are referring to your game time as “work”, it’s time to move on from the game mate.

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I’m personally quite sick of it TBH. Some seasons I just feel like playing the starter set. Having to bank up other sets to do the set dungeon and then having to clean out those sets I don’t want to play shouldn’t have to be a thing.

Just the set dungeon component mate.

Currently all I do is run fissures and vaults… having heaps of fun just crusing through fissures getting gear and resources whether it be on my GoD DH or FotH Sader. As per point above, it’s pretty poor game design if I started with GoD as my Haedrig’s set, only wanted to play GoD but still needed to gear up another set just to complete a set dungeon. Everything else has some sort of alignment with advancing your build except for this.

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It’s 6 items or less. Can’t say I ever considered it an issue.

But you are not forced to complete a set dungeon. You can just play the game for fun.
If you want the rewards from the season journey you also have to do things like conquests that can be outside ordinary gameplay.


The master a set dungeon requirement has already been lifted, that was the annoying one. Now it’s only “clear a set dungeon” which usually is no big deal and the sets drop anyways.

I’m no fan of set dungeons though, therefore I wouldn’t mind if it gets replaced with “unlock X altar nodes” or “clear GR level XX” or “clear a goblin floor in Visions of Enmity”
I wouldn’t be sad if it remains unchanged and devs change more important things either


Agree that there’s more important things that could do with changing… though I hope they don’t bugger up any more sets. The reworks have been hit and miss.

I’m in two minds about this one.

I did Nats this season like I normally would when starting off as DH… was one kill off from mastering on the first go (since I forgot to gear a Nats/GoD hybrid so I could zip around faster). So I wasn’t far off from mastering. Instead of trying a second time, I had to wait till I dropped a scream in order to progress.

Which got me thinking… if I have to go to the effort of doing the set dungeon, I’d have preferred to have put in the effort to master it and knock over two objectives in one go. Instead, I only need to do a half ar$e effort and need to wait on RNG (or the kindness of a clan member) to knock over the the EN objective.

To me, it feels like we’re in a worse spot. I’d have preferred to have either had both set dungeon objectives taken away or not have them tweaked with instead.

Both Akkhans and Nataliyas were way more fun before the reworks imo. I don’t think we can get the old feeling back. Unless some parts of it get packed onto new legendaries to make them work with LoN.

I played Nats for the first time since the rework this season and I am never touching it again. It plays so horribly now. Before it was a serviceable jack of al trades set excelling as the rapid fire set before one would get LoD RF up and running. Now it’s just yuk!

Akkhans I will keep in my build line up for my Sader but I agree that it was much better before we needed phalanx attacks to cooldown AC. This type of gameplay to obtain DR is always horrible to play.

The Rathma rework I’m not overly keen on though I didn’t like Mage spamming before the rework so to me, we’ve just traded a frustrating build for a boring build that leaves the Necro with not a single pet set (nuking enemies whilst revive does no damage is not a pet set to me).

Wizards definitely got the better deal with set reworks.

I liked the original Nats which was relying on Rain of Vengeance and the Fan of Knives Variant. Strafe around and nuke with RoV and FoK. We can still strafe around with GoD but the “nuke” portion of the old playstyles is gone forever.

Akkhans Condemn (the manual version from S1) or Phalanx Stampede were quite fun, just undertuned after a few years. Akkhan Bombardment with Norvalds was one of my fav builds ever even though it was dreadfull to gear for with the thorns requirements on pieces that don’t naturally have thorns on them. It’s not like I hate the new version I just preferred the old one.

The new Rathma is one of the better reworks. It’s fun to play and my go to Necro farm build. I didn’t mind Mages either tho, probably prefer the current Rathma.

I never played much wizard. Current Tals is fun though. Firebirds also improved over the years, flameblades is one of the builds I actually like. Guess those are the only 2 wizard builds I play.

I use to main Wizard in vanilla and have gravitated back to Wiz every now and then over the years. Wiz is in a good spot atm with all 4 sets quite decent to play though Vyrs and DMO is a tad underpowered.

Wizard was great before the Etched Sigil rework which killed off Meteors but the last Tals rework brought it back stronger than ever. I don’t mind the current iteration and hope they don’t nerf it… just bring everything else up in power.

My bro use to like playing Nats and nuking with RoV. Agree that this playstyle is now dead which is a real shame as the DH has no other nuking playstyle.


If you are going to play D3 Season longer than 3 days, you will have the other sets drop for you.

It’s not difficult to deal with this aspect of the game after all.


If they are going to change/nerf something, I would much rather have them change the “Extract 40 legendary powers”. Most seasons, I am usually at 8-12 powers extracted. I would much rather take 5 min to do a set dungeon than do a few split bounty runs just to extract powers I have no intention of using. If they cut that one to 10 it would be fine.

One task in a set dungeon is slightly easy then full complete. So it can stay no such frustrating as it was before this season.

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Yeah if I remeber correctly I was hit by this Rock Swarm in Marauder Sheet Dungeon and even with it set dungeon was completed and game it let me progress futher with Shift+J.
It should be really easy for all sets now I think.


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Considering visions are most likely staying in game, this is 2 level 1 visions (on TXVI) you would have to do for 40 legendary powers.
Seems really easy to me.