Allow GR and Rift be opened splitted


This would be a great QoL. Allow them co-exist, and be openned both.


  • Sometimes we are with friends and 1~3 players are out of keys and 1~3 players are with a lot running grs.
  • A lot of time we join public games gr have already started. So to avoid waiting 5-15 minutes they could run some rifts.
  • It would promote friends to stay on the same game (than privated closed game each player).
  • Players more united in less games the overal latency would get better.


Sounds like you just want someone to farm keys for you, i see no real need to make this happen.


Are you sure ? Bad guess just saying. I spent more time farming keys than playing GR. Got 327 season keys.


I just see it opening a can of worms for griefers.

Get in here and help do this GR… No… I’d rather do a rift.

Kind of like those times when you catch someone doing a rift when it’s a split bounty game.


Today per example i joinned 7 GR public game on progressing 5% completed bar. I had to wait no other games was avaiable on americas for my region. I lost more than 35 minutes waiting on total and 67 minutes playing. So i spent more than half from my total time waiting. But if you are from a region with a lot of players so congratulations for you. Enjoy it.


Thanks, but I mainly play solo other than split bounties. I only do GRs in groups with clan mates or friends.

Also, see people forming grps in chat and in clans. Options out there.


Most of them are from north america region so latency are high. Try to join south american server with command line and check the latency with your clannie friends. Feeling on your own skin it’s different than just talking to the air.


So your clan mates are in NA? I don’t know, I tend to make friends and join clans from my own region.

Or you know, you can open your game to the public and you can run rifts or do whatever until people join your game.


If all of the open public games are currently in-progress GRs, start a new private GR game then open it to the public and people from the public queue will join yours.


Nobody will enter. Have you ever tried to create a game after 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on south america servers ? There are 3-4 games created at this time. If i connect on north america servers there are more than 50-90 games created. A very different reality.


So what you are saying is that you want to be carried in GR Because you won’t open a game yourself and start running GR yourself


Run some speed rifts, help your friends get some keys, then do GRs. Problem solved w/o goofing around with game mechanics.

Useless suggestion.


If you don’t enter GR from start you could not enter at finish. Errr. Don’t put wrong words on my mouth.