All damaged nerf after town visit

I was rolling through T15 and on GR 70 and doing pretty well. I wanted to switch it up to try to get a bit more damage. I equipped Death’s Bargain in Kanai’s cube. Now I’m doing next to no damage.

Have restarted game, reset buffs, re-equipped all my gear, and still basically no damage dealt.

Any suggestions?

Ya, you got dirty pants on, use the clean ones to get the full set bonus…

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Why on earth have you rerolled damage range on your weapons???!!
You should have rolled attack speed and life per fury spent to sockets until you found better weapons or a couple of Ramaladni’s (which would probably better be saved for ancient weapons)… and use Blood Funnel rune on WW with Bul-Kathos weapons! And use a War cry instead of Call of the ancients! Hope you’re gambling for belts - the mighty belt Lamentation.

Your build is a mess, my friend.

Read through the guide and make adjustments as necessary.

Any adjustments need to be made to mine? Barely timed a 120 last night.

No expert, and I haven’t gotten so high yet but at some point we gotta start using rage flip to bundle up more elites and density. Some go higher without it but then they probably do a lot more fishing… or are very lucky.
You could also level up your gems.

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Consult the guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)