Akkhian condemn crusader

I’m building a condemn crusader and am torn between masquerade necro or crusader next season

I have the necro with almost full augments

2.9mill dps

My crusader is an akkhian auguld condemn build and has 2.5 million damage with no augments

But I find he never dies with the 600 million defense with akkhian but the condemn damage seems weaker then my first condemn crusader season 18

Has anyone been running akkhian condemn this season?

What gr is it good till?

Right now I can do 90 or 95 in 7 mins but my necro can do 105 in 5 mins

I don’t wanna build a crusader if he’s not going to be able to do at least 105s I know it might be lower if we have only 3 in the cube next season

If you want to create a Crusader next season that can do high GRs, you’re looking at AoV for RGK or A6/CC3/I2/Norvald’s (Bombardment). Akkhan Condemn hasn’t been good to push with for a number of seasons now.

I setup Akkhan Condemn with Norvald for entertainment purposes, it wasn’t bad, but was nothing special compared the damage of A6I2 Bombs.

It was real close to Rolands Sweep with Norvalds, probably peaks at low-mid GR130s in push fully tuned with at least 3-4k paragon.

Play it for fun, but honestly A6I2 is almost as lazy.