Akkhan Phalanx Avatars cast condemn is really pet damage

The following goes to the proposal of dmkt:
'GR133 in 11:25

Enforcer → Pain Enhancer
Taskers + Strongarms → Aughilds

GR134 in 13:58

Enforcer → Zei’s
Taskers + Strongarms → Aughilds

This performance is very bad:

  • Treat Bowmen/Bodyguards runes as pets so that Tasker & Theo, Enforcer and Phalanx Skill Damage % affix help the build.
  • Ensure Condemn skill % damage affix works too.
  • Add some damage and defense to Eternal Union.’

Blizzard,please notice dmkt’s proposal. He always considers things accurately and comprehensively.