Advice on GoD to push past GR90

Hi guys n gals - I’m after some advice on my GoD DH. I seem to be stuck around GR90 solo. I’m assuming I’ve either itemised wrong or I’m doing something wrong in my playstyle. I can farm GR85 easily, but for some reason when I go beyond 90 I can’t seem to get through without dying relentlessly and struggling with damage.

Build is here:

Any help welcome!

First of all, swap Stricken to Trapped. You won’t be needing Stricken until killing RG starts to take significant amount of time.

Change emeralds to diamonds in your armor.

Swap CoE to Elusive Ring in the cube.

Yup… what he said^^

CoE to Elusive ring – > Shadow Power to Smokescreen (rune that removes dicipline cost) --> shadow power on autocast --> hello perma-dmg reduction

Get a non-ancient Hunterswrath with around 200 % , 152 on the secondary really is a terrible roll.

Then start agumenting your gear.

GoD HA don’t lack damage, so invest more in DR.


  • use Diamonds on chest armor and pants.
  • find a better Clarity with 50% DR
  • cube Unity or Elusive

Also seems you use some Ancient items but poorly rolled legendary power. The power bonuses are more important than the “ancient” label.

Shadower Power or Smokescreen? The autocast part threw me off. Thanks!

Smokescreen. The last rune removes the dicipline cost and increases cooldown to 6 seconds. Elusive ring gives you 60% dmgreduction for 8 seconds after smokescreen was casted.

Then you can put Smokescreen on your bar, and autocast it whenever ready via numlock. This way you have a permanent big dmgreduction and dont have to worry about resource-management.

you fot is doing nothing at all for you, any better amulet will be worth way more than the pylon bonus.

i almost never agree with taking coe off for toughness, you can get toughness a lot of other places that dont cost you 50% dmg, especially if you are struggling with dmg already.

put diamonds in gear, turn wolf to boar, and if you still need more, put archery to awareness or leech. all will cost you less than dropping coe. a better dawn roll is definitely needed also, as perma veng is worth a ton of both dmg and dmg reduction.

Anything in particular you’d recommend for the neck?

i dont know what is in your inventory.

cold/cc/cd is optimal
a useful 2ndary affix is a plus
hellfire is a farmable option altho an extra passive isnt hugely important.

even dex/cc/chd will be a massive upgrade over yours. like 25% dmg or more

My build design and play are very conservative, but my GoD DH clears GR100 easily and farms GR95. Permanent uptime for Vengeance would help you a lot, so a better Dawn and/or more Cool Down Reduction seems in order. Also, I use a Fortress Ballista for the absorb shield.

Basically I focus more on toughness, sacrificing Critical Hit Chance/Damage and Area Damage for All Resists and Vitality. My focus will shift a bit when I am ready to go higher than GR100.

For what it is worth.

Swap out Balla’s Request for Fortress Ballista, that will give you some survivability. You should swap Flavour of Time back in, because it doubles all pylon effects, which is best in slot. Swap out companion and smoke screen for Shadow Power/Gloom and Preparation/Focused mind. Cast Preparation on every cooldown, and keep Shadow Power up as much as you can. Also, swap out Drifting Shadow with Rocket Storm on Strafe. Put CoE back in the cube for 200% damage increase 25% of the time.

not when it has zero useful stats on it. amulet is the most important source of damage outside of weapons by far. missing 10cc/100chd is worth soooooo much more than having 30s extra of power and conduit every so often.

over a 15 minute window INCLUDING power (which not all grs will have), a better non fot amulet will be 18% better than using a bad one. in fact, the fot will only show a 28% increase WITH power (30s of 400% dmg extra) over the 60 seconds its active for. im assuming a 25% dmg increase with a good amulet; it could well be more than that.

i also disagree with removing boar for prep as its a large point of mitigation ALL the time, and when you are really in a bad spot the normal disc pool + regen is more than enough to last the entire fight there and you’re getting extra defense with boar. constantly buffing a lower defense isnt better than sometimes buffing a higher defense.

A very good and often underestimated option for pushing is definatly Ess of Johan. The pixeling effect of it proccs often and greatly increases the effectivness of your area dmg. So if you have one with decent stats (80-100 chd , 8-10 cc) go for it, and forget fot

Just personal preference for me when it comes to FoT, I find the prolonged pylon effects preferable.

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A matter of preference and what you are actually doing.

For gem ups, EoJ is more consistent, you don’t want to rely on pylons but go the highest possible consistently, for that EoJ is better.

Pushing without hard fishing, EoJ can be better too, more consistent if you don’t get a conduit or not at the right time. You gain several GR over FoT with similar stats.

For hard pushing, I’d say it’s the opposite, EoJ will of course help but it will not be enough. Nothing can beat a 1min conduit with 5-7 elites to kill (except a festering full of fatties/vile swarms, you don’t even need a condy lol). Downside… fishing is a real pita, luck is mandatory.