Advice on Akarats Awakening


new ancient one has
954 str 867 vit 11%block punish 12% 24% xtra gold

old one not ancient has
645 str 96 all resists 11% block area dmg 20% 8xtra wrath

i currently have AD at 100% thorns at 191,536.50 paragon at 647

should i roll the punish to ad or the xtra gold to thorns leaving me with 80% AD? or is there something else I should do?

I logged in on the wrong accont it should be Beast#1652


Ideally you want Strenght, cooldown reduction, block chance, reduced dmg from elites and thorns on secondary.
I’m assuming you play a thorns invoker. Invoker doesn’t need area dmg, you are an elite hunter who can’t make decent use of area dmg.
So both shields are not perfect but I’d keep the ancient one and roll thorns on it. You can get up to 9500 thorns dmg from an ancient shield that’s huge


Area damage is garbage stat on invoker. Ideal stats for AA is strength, cdr, block chance, bonus damage to elites, thorns. I would prefer rolling bonus damage to elites instead of thorns, it will give you more damage overall, if you get AA with cdr in future.
In your case i would roll punish into cdr on your ancient one.