Ad on frenzy bar b is the any use?

Do I need any area damage full on my gear? Or should I turn them off?

This is covered in the stickied guide…

I kinda confuse because I got ancient shoulder with area damage, str vit and life, so I want to know which part should I roll, I heard that rgk frenzy should not roll any ad on his gear right? But the guide did ad have more priority than cdr

From the guide:

3- AD: You do want some AD in this build, as it will significantly help you to progress in density. IMO, the ideal amount is 94%, which you can get with rolls on your Oathkeeper and Shoulders, plus Paragon. If you find gloves and rings with great AD rolls instead of AS rolls, you can also play a “high-AD” variant, which has a 9 Frame Frenzy and 138% AD. (AS only on Oathkeeper. Gloves and 1 Ring get AD rather than AS). This variant is slightly better in high density, but a hair worse overall.


Q: Do I want Area Damage in this build? I’ve heard it’s not very good.
A: You heard wrong. You want a decent amount of AD, even though it’s not the be-all-and-end-all for this build like it is for some builds, like Leapquake.

hnmm so i guess this is not good rgk since we need ad in this built, ok ill roll life to cdr then :3 tq 4 all ur adivce guys

Well, RGKs are there for single target damage. The gear / affixes you’d prioritise for RGK’ing and solo’ing aren’t necessarily the same.

u got me bcm confuse again XD
so which one is better u think guys ? is frenzy barb good rgk ?
can it compete with sader rgk ?

What are you confused by? If you’re playing solo, you need some AD to kill trashmobs rather than just the elites. If you’re playing in a group as the RGK you don’t, because you’re there for pure single target damage.


No, not even close.

allright i am not confuse anymore XD, tq 4 ur clear answer man